My top Korean Fashion

I will be sharing with you guys. Ten Korean fashion brands stores Instagram accounts that I think you should check out if you’re interested in Korean fashion. So first we have Aland. I would say this is the Urban Outfitters of Korea They’re super trendy and they carry many different brands from high-end to affordable and vintage, depending on some Aland stores, And I think this is a great store for anyone, because there’s something for everybody.

Best KOREAN Shopping sites by Best Korean Products.

So many different designs and different price ranges – And I first heard about this brand when I was watching TV I forgot, which show. But there was a Korean model who picked out an outfit for …. I think …. I think it was a dress for 30 dollars And I was like “ Whoa, that’s affordable, It’s cute And I need to check it out. Asap, .” And I instantly fell in love the year. I moved to Korea actually Number two. We have Chuu, They are most famous for their -5KG jeans. I actually own two or three, And I really like them, because it really hugs my legs and it makes them look really nice. They carry a lot of street brands. So when you’re walking around Hongdae Express Bus Terminal Ewha, they carry a lot of the same clothes that are found in the streets. But Chuu is just a convenient place to go because there are designers They’re, just picking things that they think would fit the Chuu image. But they also do have their own line. So if you’ve seen the Strawberry Milk shirts, those are all from Chuu

Their image to me is very cute and pink, But there are times where you’ll find like a really nice denim jacket, a gingham dress and they have a lot of everything And I would have to say it’s pretty affordable compared to mixxmix Stylenanda IMVELY and a lot Of brands, So I noticed that there are lot of students shopping at Chuu. They do have one flagship store in Hongdae. It’S actually right in front of the Stylenanda. So, if you’re into really pretty pink spaces – and you want to vlog and take pictures for the Instagram – it’s a perfect place to go. One thing I don’t like too much about Chuu – is that their website can be really slow.

But that might be because the traffic is insane and it’s a great place to keep up with the fashion trends in Korea. If you’re a minimalist, I highly wan na recommend that you check out INDIBRAND INDIBRAND would probably be like the …, Not Everlane, but …. Maybe the OAK FORT of Korea, But then every time I shop at OAK FORT, I notice that a lot of their coats and clothes are from Korea, So maybe it was inspired by INDIBRAND or the street like minimal style in Seoul, But yeah. I actually discovered this because right outside the Shinsa Exit, 8 there’s an INDIBRAND store, And sometimes when my friends are running late or if I’m late, I tell people to go check out the INDIBRAND store or I actually end up buying some stuff. While waiting for my friends Because the second floor, everything is 50 percent off, And the bottom floor is just like a great place to see what the upcoming trends in Korea might be for that season.

I’M starting to notice that INDIBRAND is expanding, because now they have two stores in Garosugil and they have one in Myeongdong And I’m pretty sure, they’re gon na open up another one somewhere. So look out for INDIBRAND, Their clothes are quite affordable And the quality isn’t that bad. If you have been following up with Korean fashion, for sometime now, You’ll have probably heard of Stylenanda, They are probably the most popular for their unique and trendy outfits. There are times when I walk in and I’m like “. I could never pull that off .”, But there is someone in the streets of Seoul who is rocking that look so there’s something for everyone. I feel like most stores in Korea there’s something for everyone, But Stylenanda. A lot of my friends think that “, Oh, my gosh, I feel like I won’t be able to pull off anything from Style nanda”

But I always drag them with me, because the flagship stores are so cool And then they end up buying something. So Stylenanda is a must-visit in Seoul because they go pretty far with their flagship stores. Something I like about Stylenanda is that they change up their clothes. Very often So there was a time when I used to go every week because it was super close to my place, And I was just like really into Stylenanda at that time. They changed it up quite often, and I really enjoyed that And it was a great way to learn about the trends as well as see Stylenanda start trends in Korea.

And they also have a makeup line so 3CE, if you like, really great pigmented makeup, I think Stylenanda 3CE. Does it really well here? If you do stop by Seoul, I recommend that you check out the three flagship stores. I believe there are three The Garosugil one, that one is the cinema-themed and it’s only makeup, But the Myeongdong one is my favorite, because it’s quite new, It’s the Pink Hotel And the one in Hongdae. They just have …. They just created the cafe. On the fourth floor, So yeah, it’s like amazing, because you can get your makeup shopping, done clothes and then go to the cafe and have really good parties and coffee And it’s so pink And there’s a pool indoors. So yes, Stylenanda, very, very cool. Next, we have mixxmix, And this brand gives me a very retro vibe

It’S kind of similar to Stylenanda, But for some reason it gives a more vintage feel for me. Whenever I think of mixxmix, I instantly think of berets hearts because they have a lot of hearts on their clothes on their clothes and paintings. So this sweater is actually from mixxmix and it’s quite affordable. I remember buying a really cute dress, for I think 20 under 20 dollars. This sweater, I think, was …

Oh, I don’t remember because it was such a long time ago, but it wasn’t expensive. I think it was …. It’S right in-between, Chuu and Stylenanda when it comes to price for me, But there is a shop in Hongdae and it’s quite hidden And you might mix it because there is a really cool-looking store right under it. But you do have to go upstairs and yeah. The inside is very … neon lights, You’ll get what I mean by the retro when you enter their store.

If you like to dress a little bit more sophisticatedly, I recommend you check out Plastic Island. I discovered this in the youth fashion level in …, I don’t remember which department store, But I discovered it in a department store and it’s not that expensive compared to brands. Like The Kooples and Sandro, I personally love their outerwear, because it keeps me warm and they’re very fashionable. I noticed that each year that I wore the coats that I own someone compliments them And that just shows that they’re, not a trendy brand. They like to give quality pieces that will …

That you will keep wearing throughout the years. Next we have IISE And IISE is an online store, but because my friends, Angela JRE and Justin, knew the creators of IISE, I got to go to their studio to actually feel the pieces. Try them on and then purchase it there, But basically it translates to “ second generation .”, And this is a brand dedicated to creating clothes with a street interpretation of Korea And each piece is made in Seoul, And I know that the quality of their clothes are So good because I own a few pieces – and they keep me really warm like during this winter weather, Even though it seems …, It looks very thin And I know that they work really hard on making sure the details of each of their pieces. Are there

Next, we have ADER error. I’Ve taken you guys with me to that store many times or actually all of the stores I mentioned many times, And they are so extra. So, basically, when you enter their store, there’s like this little clear tube And you basically do your shopping. Tell the associate that you want this and they basically send it from their inventory upstairs. So it’s like …, It’s very extra, But I love it Most of their clothes and accessories, I believe, are unisex. So their coats, hats, pants …. They have a lot of sizes for each of them. I feel like a lot of artists in Korea wears ADER error. I think Zion.T was wearing a coat from there if I’m remembering correctly,

But there are quality pieces and I think they’re great investments. Flagship stores in Korea are very creative, Chuu Stylenanda ADER error, But I feel like none can compare and reach the level of GENTLE MONSTER. So if you haven’t heard of GENTLE MONSTER …, I feel like I talk about this so often, But GENTLE MONSTER is a sunglass brand. It’S a Korean sunglass brand and you can find it at Duty, Frees Nordstrom It’S super popular and it’s getting more and more popular. I also went to their flagship store in New York. I believe they just opened one in LA I used to hate sunglass shopping because I actually don’t have a high nose bridge. So every time I buy sunglasses they would just slide down my face throughout the day. I just have to keep fixing it up, But GENTLE MONSTER. They really know how to make sunglasses for all faces.

And even though I also have high cheekbones, it just doesn’t look weird, So GENTLE MONSTER sunglasses, I love investing in them because I end up taking better care of them than the cheap, five-dollar sunglasses or ten-dollar. Sunglasses that I used to buy GENTLE MONSTER is another thing that I recommend you pick up. It’S like a great souvenir for yourself, because you get to enjoy their showrooms as well as picking up something nice from Korea. The final brand I have is LIE Collection, And this is a recent discovery for me, because I got invited to their show during Fashion Week And when I went to their showroom, I felt the clothes and realized “ Wow .”. They really focus on the quality of their fabric and the unique design like the coat. I have It’s such a statement piece that every time I wear it, someone comments on it and asks me where I got it.

It is the priciest out of all the brands. I just mentioned right now, But I wanted this video to be helpful for people with like different price ranges in mind, So I discussed Aland. You know to Stylenanda to ADER error and then now LIE Collection And you don’t …. You never know. I feel like this might be helpful for anyone who is visiting Korea But basically …. I went a little off-tangent there, But this brand. I do respect for all the effort that they put into each of their pieces A lot of Korean celebrities, wear it as well.

Iu wore a blouse and I actually got it in a different color All right, So those are the top ten Korean fashion brands that I wanted to share with you all.

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Best Makeups on Aliexpress

Sweat is one of the most unavoidable functions performed by our bodies. However, sweat can be a real bummer when you are trying to look your best. One of the things that sweat is very good at spoiling is our makeup. Now, we may be dressed keeping the weather in mind, but what is the point if our makeup is not sweat proof? Luckily, the fashion industry has advanced so much that we do not have to worry about sweat ruining our hard work on our faces anymore.

All you need to invest on is the right makeup and skincare products. We have curate some of the best chinese makeup brands below.

Best Sweat Proof Makeup

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s get started with all the makeup items to complete your makeup routine for that impeccable look.

sweat proof makeup

Waterproof eyeliner for eyes that will make hearts melt

Sweaty eyelids really are a thing that happens to almost every person, no matter who that person is. We are all well aware of summer days when our eyeliner thinks it cool to mix up with the sweat and smudge. That really is one annoying problem.

But, no more. The wide range of eyeliners available in AliExpress ensures that you do not face this problem ever again. Thinking of hitting the gym with these eyeliners? Why not? They will make sure you look as impeccable after your workout as you did before starting it.

These sweat proof eyeliners are the dream come true of every one who has oily skin. They are everything that you need for almost any eye look. And no, they do not just come in the shade of black, there are also some great colours for you to try without having to worry about them smudging on a hot summer day.

Some of the best eyeliners available on AliExpress are:

waterproof eyeliner
best sweat proof eyeliner

Link1; Link2

Lipsticks for those luscious lips!

No girl would deny the importance of a good long-lasting lipstick. Lipstick is one makeup accessory that makes any look all the more awesome. If the only makeup you have on your face is lipstick, you are still good to go. One just cannot ignore the emphasis that a good and sweat proof lipstick has in a woman’s life.

It is, therefore, essential to invest in a lipstick that is sweat proof and will last you a long time. Do all you want – drink, eat, or something else, and these lipsticks will stick to your lips like they are meant to be.

AliExpress has great sweatproof lipsticks to ensure your lips always look stunning.

You can buy these lipsticks here:

sweat proof lipstick


Foundation that looks like your second skin

Foundations are everywhere, literally. However, not every foundation that we find in the market are made to withstand a hard day full of sun, sweat, and heat. Some of the foundations available in the market turn a weird shad of orange due to oxidization. However, there are several sweatproof foundations available on AliExpress that will not oxidize on you when you are out and about having fun. They shall always feel like your second skin no matter how much heat and humidity surrounds you.

Try out some of these foundations from AliExpress that will ensure that you have foundation for a long, long time:

best waterproof makeup
best waterproof foundation

Link1; Link2


We cannot emphasize the importance of concealer more. They help hide evidences of a long, sleepless night, dark circles, and other things on our skin that we would like to hide from the rest of the world. Needless to say, a normal concealer cannot help us during hot days when we are all covered up with sweat.

For those hot days, you need a sweat proof concealer that does not provide a threat of running down along with your sweat. On AliExpress, you can find just what you need for those summer days. The various concealers available on AliExpress are sweat proof and long lasting.

Why don’t you try out these concealers and see for yourself? Here are some of the best ones for you:

chinese concealer
sweat proof concealer makeup

Link1; Link2

Highlight that can be seen from outer space!

What is a makeup routine without the highlight that will cause envy amongst others? As they say, you should put highlighter that puts the brightness of the sun to shame and can be seen even from outer space. However, it will be quite a bummer if your highlight runs down your face creating a mess that you would want to forget as soon as you can.

Do not worry! AliExpress is here to your rescue with its collection of highlighters that are sweatproof and ensure that you shine as bright as a diamond all through the day and night.

Here are some of the best highlights for you to try:

sweat proof highlighter
highlighter aliexpress makeup

Link1; Link2

Blush blush!

Natural blush is amazing and beautiful, however, not everyone is blessed with a natural blush to die for. Hence was born the blush of every woman’s dream – in various shades, of course, to satisfy the needs of different women.

When we have dolled up beautifully with enviable blush on our cheeks, the biggest disappointment would be to see all the heat and sweat destroying our work of art. For this purpose, we have sweatproof blush on AliExpress that takes care of this problem.

Here is what you can try:

sweat proof makeup blush
sweat proof blusher makeup

Link1; Link2

These were some of the best sweatproof makeup on AliExpress to help you always keep your makeup on point. When trying to beat the heat, it is essential to know that your makeup will not backfire on you and make you conscious. With these makeup products, you can simply relax and enjoy that impeccable makeup that are worth drooling over.

Are you ready to re-vamp your makeup collection now?

With makeup comes makeup tips to make sure that your makeup remains ready for anything that comes its way.

Here are some makeup tips to help you out.

Makeup tips to ensure your makeup is sweatproof

While there are sweatproof makeup products available in the market, some tips can do not harm. These tips will help ensure that your makeup remains sweatproof on a hot and humid day.

  • Wait before you apply

Do you apply your makeup right after you get out of the shower? If you answered yes to that, this tip is for you. You should wait for at least 10 minutes after you get out of the shower to help your body cool down. Applying makeup on warm skin can cause breakouts. If you are in a rush, you can follow a simple step of splashing your face with cold water before applying your makeup. This will give you a fresh and polished look.

You can also use a cooling pad like this one from AliExpress to make your job easier:

sweat proof makeup tips


  • Use a toner

If you do not prime your face properly and apply your makeup on an oily face, your makeup is sure to melt off before you know it. So, after you cleanse your face, use a toner to get rid of all that excess oil. Once you have toned your face well, your face will be clean and even for further makeup.

Use a toner from AliExpress like this one to create a perfect palette:

toner for sweat proof makeup tips


  • A Primer to keep that enviable makeup in place

One of the most important components of your makeup routine that helps to keep your makeup in place is a primer. A primer holds onto your makeup and does not let it go away with the sweat. You must try out these primers from AliExpress to help keep your makeup intact:

primer for face makeup tip


  • Try to avoid powders. Opt for liquid makeup more.

One of the biggest disadvantages of any powder foundation is that is starts to appear chalky and cakey once you start sweating. If there are any imperfections in your face, such as fine lines and wrinkles, the powder will add extra emphasis to them and make them to stand out. If you have extra oil on your face, use a blotting paper (or toilet paper if you do not have blotting paper with you) to remove excess oil from your face.

Buying Sweat Proof Makeups

These were some of the best makeup tips to ensure that you have a fresh face throughout the day, even in a hot and humid condition. If you can, go all natural this summer and embrace the way your skin glows naturally in the summer sun. You are sure to make heads turn with that effortless look of yours that does not care for any makeup.

Use a concealer for all the blemishes and dark spots that you might have, waterproof mascara, sunblock, and a lip balm with SPF and you are good to go.

These are all the makeup you need for a carefree day out at the beach or with your friends.

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Best Cheap Places to SHOP crazily in Singapore

Singapore is one of the best hubs in Asia for shopping. It has great malls, shopping stores allowing budget shopping with a wider choice for the shoppers. It is one of the favourite places of all the shopaholics.
When it comes to shopping, every shopaholic wishes to have unlimited money. However, the dream remains a dream. But what if you could do budget shopping and buy more with a limited amount. Planning to shop in Singapore?

Best Cheap Places to Shop in Singapore

Let us discuss some of the top places to buy that too within budget.

1. Scape Shopping Mall

The mall will surely give you a fantastic shopping experience. It is one of the most famous places for shopping. When it comes to budget shopping, one can expect products available at very cheap rates. Everything from fashion products, t-shirts, fashion clothes to high-quality jewelry, decorative items is available. One can expect unique and useful items available here.

Check Google images here to know more about this place:

Take a look at the Mall’s Directory:

Latest event happening at Scape

2. Bugis Street

Bugis Street is one of the biggest and the busiest street in Singapore. It is a street market not just in Singapore but also in the South East region of Asia. You will inevitably fall in love with the stalls on these streets. Being one of the famous places for shopping, these streets are always found to be busy and crowded. One can do an awesome budget shopping here. Get trendy clothes, gift items for your friends and family and a lot more. These streets are not just famous for shopping but also its fantastic food. One can find delicious street food stalls here. You just need $3 to $15 for anything you want to buy for yourself. Cool, isn’t it?

bugis street how to get there


By Car
Bugis Street is accessible via the following roads: Queen Street, Victoria Street, Rochor Road and Cheng Yan Place.

Parking available at

  • Fu Lu Shou Complex
  • Albert Centre Market and Food Centre
  • Bugis+
  • Bugis Junction

By Bus
Alight at Victoria Street, opposite Bugis Junction (Bus stop number: 01112)

  • SBS Transit : 7 , 12 , 63 , 80 , 175 , 197
  • SMRT Buses : 851 , 960 , 980 , NR7

By Train
Alight at Bugis station (EW12) on the East-West line, get out at Exit C and follow the crowd across the traffic junction on the right.

By Cab
“Bugis Street” Please!

Top Cafes in Singapore Bugis to visit

3. Flea Markets

If you believe that flea markets are only involved in selling old clothes and the ones in Singapore are no different, then you are wrong. The flea markets in Singapore are very different. One can find excellent clothing stuff like coats, jackets, designer stuff, etc. One can get a huge stock in at a budget rate. So for all the shopaholics looking to buy more at lesser rates, these markets would be best suited for you. One can get these trendy garments at a very low price.

“Facebooking” these Fleas market to know their location and time for their next bazar…

4. Lucky Plaza

cheap shopping

Lucky Plaza has been one of the oldest shopping malls in Singapore. The mall has hundreds of stores offering you a variety of products. Locals are the frequent customers here. However, tourists must visit the mall once. Get things at very cheap rates such as electronic items, luggage items, watches, perfumes, accessories, fashion products, etc. Things are available as cheap as $2 that go up to $10. So, you can have a lot more you might have thought while shopping in Singapore. The mall even has cheap stalls where you might have an exceptional shopping experience.

5. Far East Plaza

far east plaza

Just 5 mins walk from Lucky Plaza, this is yet another great place for shoppers to shop. From clothes to jewelry and spas, you will get all kind of sellers within budget at Far East Plaza. So one can get all sort of things at one place with a wide variety of choice. Being one of the budget friendly places, it has been one of the favourites for students and blog shoppers too.

Our advice – Take a look at this directory – before you venture into this shopping mall.

6. Thieves Market Sungei Road – closing July 2017

sungei closing
sungei shopping

Shocked by seeing the name? Yes, it’s called as Thieves market. It is called so because of its origin as the market was started by people stealing goods and selling it here. However, now you can get excellent and cheap products and shopping goods for yourself, friends and family. The products available here include electronic products, used products, old coins and a lot more. As the name also suggests about its location, the market is located at the Sungei Road. This market will again enable you to shop for goods that just range about $2 to $10. So if you are out of budget, shop here and get all that was to be bought.

According to The Straits Times report, the site will be making way for future residential developments.

7. Mustafa shopping center – 24 hours!

mustafa shopping

Now this shopping place has got something even more exciting. Looking for a late night shopping place in Singapore? Then Mustafa Shopping Center is one of the best options. This place is open 24*7 for you to visit and shop within your budgets. The center also provides currency exchange services making it convenient for the tourists to buy. These services are known to be one of the best exchange services in the country. Products ranging from daily essentials, food to other fashion and cosmetic products are available. You won’t get Indian and Pakistani food elsewhere as they have.

For shoppers – Click HERE to access this awesome article by Honey Combers.

8. Daiso

Daiso is Japanese based store. It is a retail chain having 13 stores in Singapore. You can get numerous and diversified products in the Daiso stores. They have products ranging from kitchen requirements, interiors, to fashion and decor. The place is known to be highly economical which is why most of the purchasers prefer it in Singapore.

Best Japanese Products to BUY

Changi City Point

5 Changi Business Park Central 1, Singapore

Chinatown Point

133 New Bridge Road #B2-01 Chinatown Point Singapore 059413

City Square Mall

180 Kitchener Road #04-05/10 City Square Mall Singapore 208539

East Point Mall

3 Simei Street 6, B 1-14, Simei, Singapore 528833


2 Jurong East Street 21 #03-50 IMM Building Singapore 609601

ION Orchard

2 Orchard Turn #B4-47 ION Orchard Singapore 238801


2 Jurong East Central 1, #02-06  JCUBE, Singapore 609731

Parkway Parade

80 Marine Parade Road #03-26B parkway Parade 449269

Plaza Singapura

68 Orchard Road #05-01/02/03 Plaza Singapura Singapore 238839

Sembawang Shopping Centre

604 Sembawang Road #01-18 Sembawang Shopping Centre Singapore 758459

Singapore sports hub

No 1 Stadium Place #02-11 Singapore 397628

Tampines 1

10 Tampines Central 1 #03-17 Tampines 1 Singapore 529536


No.1 Harbour Front Walk #03-06/06A/06B Vivocity Singapore 098585

Water way point

83 Punggol Central #B1-09, Waterway Point, Singapore 828761

Final word by SG Directory 

So now you know how to shop within your budget along with places to visit and have fun. These are the top 10 shopping places in Singapore when it comes to budget shopping. Here you won’t miss anything and have really great experiences. So visit these recommended places and enjoy shopping.

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The Healthy, Natural way to Dye Hair at Home!

Today we are going on a trip together We are going to dye my hair. If you guys have been watching me for a while, It was too dark Hair that was black borderline.

I have platinum had blonde hair. Multiple levels From brown in the middle, I ventured into more abnormal colors when my country She was blonde hair (on bits and pieces of my hair, and I don’t think I ever dyed my entire hair Head color fun).

But I think of all the colors I’ve ever colored my hair, My favorite was absolutely red. Deep down inside, and I want to be so red in a bad manner. I wanted to have my whole life. This is my natural hair color I haven’t colored it because maybe a few years now.

If you play in the sun enough it Actually pulls a little red, but I, unfortunately, am not red. But today the changes. We are going to make a new redhead. So like I mentioned, I am actually My hair color is red in the past. When my hair was red, I couldn’t take a shower Without that bleeding out a little bit, and I think this is very typical Experience for most people who are not natural redheads.

But there is one way to Get red hair, and it does not fade with time and in this way your hair is colored With henna. It is considered probably one of the most durable colors you can Your hair color, that’s actually exactly why you wanted to give it a try. I want to red hair again, but I don’t want to fade.

Here comes the role of henna in. For those of you who don’t know, henna is literally Only leaves from base to top.

Henna comes from the plant called “Disabled henna.” Maybe I slaughtered this name, but that’s where it comes from. And it has been used for thousands of years for body art and your hair color. It is not able to raise your hair color.

You will not be able to Bleach your hair with henna. Deposits can only color, so mainly stains Your hair. So it can not be super, super dark brown and color your hair with Henna and have strawberry blonde, that’s not really how it works. It can only be Color deposits, stain can only be your hair color. But because of that, it’s Actually a really healthy way to color your hair.

Best hair looks review – My friend wonderful blog on hair!

Anyway, I had never colored my hair henna before, so we are going to learn together Let’s get started! So the henna that I will be using today by Natural Mountain Light This is only in red color you can recognize because of the fox In the foreground.

Personally this henna got off from amazon, and I really like it, It comes in a three-pack for such a grand total of about $ 15 I recently saw one package of this henna brand especially in health Food store and it was about to like $ 8 a pack, so I think I got it A very good deal. This particular henna brand is linked in the description Block below if you want to go check it out. But no matter what kind of henna you are Use, regardless of brand, and be sure to read the ingredients poster

Because you only want one item in your henna this is pure henna This box only has “henna dried” in it and it is pure henna plant powder This is exactly what you want if you are coloring your hair with just henna The natural light of the mountain actually makes henna blends, depending on which square Picking up from this particular company, you might notice that she has henna in it, as well Well “indigo” or “cinnamon”, all of which are completely natural dyes that are Only prominent in nature, it was used thousands of years ago to dye Clothes, skin, and hair.

But on this issue, because I wanted red I just want henna. And of course whatever henna you use Be sure to read the instructions. Instead of water as a mixing method, it will Actually be using tea. This is because tea has a lower pH – it’s a bit More acidic – and because it has no pH less than pure distilled water, it does Indeed, give your hair more golden hue, versus more burgundy hue. I’m going to look at golden hair, so this is exactly what I want but if you do We want a more real red color, or even more burgundy or a deep purple accent,

I have Connect couple recipes in the description bar below where you can Find out how to accomplish this when you are mixing your henna. I also squeeze whole lemonade into my tea, just to add A little bit more acidity, and again for the golden tones that I’m trying to. Then, when I’m ready to go, I’m just going to mix my henna with the tea that I’m brewing. The consistency was that I was aiming for some kind of really thick pie dough Consistency, or kind of like stirred yogurt.

And then when everything was Mixed together, I just covered some saran wrap, and pressed it against The surface of the henna mixture, so that way, moisture can not escape. In order to really activate and dye your hair, henna has a kind of sitting and basically Treat for a few hours. Let my bowl sit for three or four hours. Once this was done, I actually went upstairs and grabbed a bit of the remaining hair In my view a brush and apply it only henna on it and roll it in a bit of Saran wrap, just to see what kind of first color I was going to end up with. Allow me to sit in a warm place for another half and three or three hours, and rinse it out. I was very happy with the color that I was gonna get from my test strand So I went ahead and started getting my battle station ready. I put the towels everywhere, because henna is a messy known, and this particular henna Recommended you apply it to a clean, towel-dried hair, so I took a shower, I shampooed my hair, and I just dried a little. I cut my hair off and on I apply some lotion to my hair and around my ears and on my neck, so that Method, henna is not a disgrace to my skin those areas.

After that it just started Drawing it. Whenever I can dye my hair, I love to focus On the roots because I found that the roots are kind of the hardest spot to get for me So it started with the hardest point which was mainly in the back of my neck. Little by little, I took small sections I drew roots for a few inches or so down my hair length, I basically repeat this process all over my head. It’s kind of hard to describe, so I just recommend you watch this thing. When my roots were all without, I was not around to paint my length The hair with that little brush, so I just put on some gloves and went to town, Literally falling along my hair, which works through with my own Fingers. It was much faster this way, and I recommend it that way. With henna residue remaining in a bowl,

I kind of massage through My hair just has to make sure everything is truly super satiated. Then I wrapped my own Hair on top of my head with a little Saran wrap, be it in a towel, and I actually went to bed and made sure that my pillow was covered with a towel Beforehand, just in case I had any accidents. All right, so it is 10:30 am now. Dyeing process started at about 9:30 last night Then I just went to bed. I tried to sleep on it, but it was too heavy and difficult to My head – I ended up getting a lot of neck pain as I was trying Sleep all night, get up, take a shower, and rinse everything At about 0:30 or 1:00 in the morning.

So the henna was sitting on My head in my hair is completely saturated for 3-4 hours. It is a lot long enough to get the color payout. So this is the color that I It ended after about eight or nine hours later. The funny thing about henna Other than that, the true color of the same henna, and how it will stain your hair Don’t actually begin to appear for at least a few days after you dye it. And therefore And yet, it’s a little orange in the spots, especially by my scalp Because I’m sure my scalp got stained a bit.

Skin staining will fade away After a few days, meanwhile, the color will develop a deeper color. So as I said, this is a few hours after the dyeing process and that is The color that you ended up with. We’re gonna check in in a few days And see what the color looks like then. Okay, so this is a few days after that My hair has colored. You can see that my roots are a little oily. I do not have It actually washed with shampoo since I’ve colored it. I have taken a shower Since I’ve been so colorful, I’ve rinsed it all with a little bit Conditioner, some warm water only but i did not actually wash with soap Now, just because I wanted to make sure that the color was stabilized as it should. I might actually shower tonight with shampoo and we’ll see how The color payout is tomorrow,

but so far, I am really really really happy Payout color. I like the color I have got so far, and The roots are definitely a lot less orange and it is awesome. Even I am my colored The little eyebrows may look a little orange because I actually do The day after I henna’d my hair, so there is still a little bit more orange From here there is a scalp comparison. But now my eyebrows match my hair so I am happy with this We will probably do one more update once and I wash my hair for that we Can kind of compare colors once everything is full, but that’s after Three days do not wash it, after henna-ji it, that is the color reward. Okay, so I think this is the last update for my hair this is what it looks like after I did not wash it yesterday but the day before yesterday it was like this

With shampoo, my scalp is no longer an odd orange, and I’m really honest, Love the color that you ended up with. It’s a lot warmer, but it’s still Looks very natural. I barely noticed any bleeding in the bathroom at all, I. I think what I noticed is just a little bit off when I was like I washed the hair with shampoo for the first time, and I haven’t noticed it since which is amazing. My hair finally smells a little bit more neutral. The thing that I did not Expect when my hair dye with henna is that smell a bit like Fold for a little bit. Now it no longer smells like a barn, which is amazing. Yes, so this was my henna experience, my first time dyeing my hair with henna.

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15 PETITE STYLING TIPS // How to Style a Petite Body Type ♡

We’re going to talk about fit, what to look for when shopping, what clothes flatter a petite body type best, and how to find balance when it comes to styling and then some just general tips tricks and hacks.

First things first, we are going to talk about balance.

One of the most important things when it comes to styling a petite body type is balance. Learning how to style and balance your outfits is going to give you so much more diversity and versatility on what you wear. A good rule of thumb when it comes to styling any body type is if you’re going to wear loose on the bottom you typically want to go for a tighter top, likewise if you’re going to wear a looser top you want to go tighter on the bottom. Now you definitely can go tight and tight as well and wear a tighter top and tighter bottoms.

When it comes to wearing a loose item on top and a loose item on bottom, typically that doesn’t flatter most body types.

Some examples of type pieces would include tight tank tops, tech camis, skinny jeans, any sort of like more fitted bodycon style type piece. Some examples of loose type of pieces are flowy skirts, loose pants, palazzo pants, flowy capris, peasant tops, and anything that has bell sleeves, anything that is very drapey or flowy has light fabric, big sweaters and anything oversized. Some other good guidelines to go by or if you’re going for a longer hemline to go for a more open top, for example a maxi dress that is a longer length but having a more open top or thinner straps is going to help balance it out. Vice versa, if you’re going for a more full coverage top such as a turtleneck it pairs really well with a shorter hemline such as a skirt.

Another helpful thing is having a skin break between your top and your bottom so maybe a crop top, maybe having some sort of two-piece set.

Whenever I wear a crop top, I always pair it with high-waist jeans so there is a little bit of skin showing just enough to where I have a little bit out but not enough that I don’t feel confident.

My last helpful guideline for balancing an outfit is to go for a lower neckline.

If you still want that definition but again don’t want to be swallowed up by fabric. Keeping these formulas for balance in your back pocket is going to help you out so much when it comes to styling and it’s going to ensure that you don’t overwhelm your petite frame.

Let’s talk about shopping and finding things that actually complement a petite frame.

If you go to a regular store that does not have a petite section or does not specialize in petite clothing, oftentimes you’re going to run into finding things that just don’t look right. They’re a little bit off. They’re really cute maybe, but they just fit oddly. They’re too long, they cinch in the wrong spot, they kind of droop or sag in weird places and it just like doesn’t look good. Unless you think about it you might not ever realize why. Basically if you’re shopping in a non-specialized store that doesn’t carry any sort of petite sizing or short sizing, things are just going to fit on. Some things that were always huge struggles when it came to shopping at regular stores are with pants. The main problem was always that they were just so long, and either have to roll them, or cut them, or hem them or something, but they were always so long.

Then pair being short with having a short torso and things like dresses and rompers just never cinch in the right spot.

They always are so long and then they cinch at my hips and it just looks bizarre and not good. For a long time, I did not realize why and I had this realization. I was like, “oh that’s why things look bad”, and I get it. When it comes to shopping in standard or regular stores, sometimes you can make things work but sometimes it just can’t. Things look weird and it’s sad because you want to wear cute things and they just don’t fit right on your body. You can’t judge things around and make things fit right. It’s really helpful to actually shop at a store or stores that either have petite sizing or just at a store that is specifically for petite frames. It is just like the most amazing thing to walk into a store and be like “oh my gosh, all of this is going to fit and look good”.

Some things to look for that complement a petite frame and not overwhelm include midi skirts.

Midi skirts are amazing. The hemline falls just after the knee, so again it doesn’t overwhelm your frame. A great way to balance a midi skirt is with a tighter top or with a tucked in top. Likewise, opt for mini dresses over maxi dresses. The shorter hemline is going to prevent you from drowning in fabric and look shorter, but it’s still going to get you that maxi dress style and look. Again, look for a hemline that falls just after the knees, high-waist pieces and pants with a shorter hemline. These help balance everything out and in some cases can provide faux height which is always amazing when you’re petite.

Another fun thing you can play with is an asymmetrical hemline.

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When it comes to skirts and dresses, it gives you that balance but it also gives you a chance to spice it up a bit.

Let’s talk about petite busty body types and how to style them. Petite busty body type is what I have for the longest time. I really struggled with how to style it and what to wear. I try to figure out what kind of things looked good but didn’t look too risqué, and overall it was a struggle. I wanted to share all of my tips on how to style a petite busty frame.

The first thing is learning how to downplay your bust using the affirmation techniques.

For example, if you’re going to go for a looser, flowy top that just keeps your bust low-key, go for bottoms that are tighter that still accentuate your figure and show off your body. Likewise if you are going for a tighter, fitting top or top that has a lower neckline, you can balance it out with a looser fitting bottom.

Number two, smaller prints and patterns help downplay a bust as well.

Essentially, smaller scale prints and patterns definitely just help minimize the appearance of bust as compared to larger scale prints and patterns that sometimes just do quite the opposite.

Thing number three that I think has been the most amazing and game-changing of all of these petite busty styling tips is getting a good bra.

Invest into a good bra that actually fits and flatters well. Before when I was just buying random bras that were just like “the best I could find”, I always had weird problems with like cupping and spillage and things just fitting odd and that always just looked really unflattering under clothes. The number one majorly underrated thing when it comes to looking good and looking put together and looking just nice and well-balanced on is good undergarments. If you don’t have good undergarments that fit well and that flatter you, whatever goes on top, whatever clothes you put on, it’s just not going to look good either.

The next thing is finding flattering neckline.

Necklines that I have personally found to be the most flattering are straight across necklines, slightly dividend necklines, which I’m sure has a more precise name than that, V-necks and sometimes the occasional scoop neck, but it really has to like depend on where it hits and falls. The neckline that I just never ever find to be flattering with my petite busty frame is the boat neckline. It starts almost at your shoulders and then it kind of just goes across here. I always just think that looks not flattering. Really high neckline, tight turtlenecks – those also don’t flatter me.

Finally looking for styles like button-ups that offer good coverage but doesn’t entirely cover everything up.

I actually have a hack when it comes to button ups and a bust to your chest. My hack is to go to a craft store and buy those little snappy clasps that you can buy for just a couple dollars. Buy them to any sort of button ups wherever in between two buttons you have that gaping going on and just attach the snappy clasp there. Having that additional clasp in between two buttons is going to prevent any sort of gaping. Yet again another game-changer.

Now my final two last tips slash/hacks that don’t really fit into a category are:

One, dress in monochromatic outfits.

This kind of outfits they offer length and faux height because everything is just all one color.

Two, shorten purses with extremely long straps.

Purses with long straps, will make your purse go down. Shorten that bag length by knotting the strap.

I did not know anything about styling petite body type and ways to style my body type to actually look good and be flattered because things just didn’t fit as well on me as they did other people. For a long time I was insecure, I thought like something was wrong with me. These tips might help you in figuring out ways to style your clothes and to wear things and how to shop for stuff that fit well, that flatter you and that you feel confident in.

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How to Pack Smarter: Travel Organization Essentials I Can’t Live Without! Travel Hacks

I am excited to share my top 10 travel organizational product that I cannot live with out! You all asked me over the past few years, what are my favorite things to travel with so this is like my massive roundup of all the things that I love.

I do have a lot of alternatives and options within each category so I’m just praying you guys can find some things that could be really helpful in your travel routine.

Packing Cubes

I’ve been using these guys for years and they’ve completely revolutionized the way that I pack. I literally cannot go anywhere without these guys. You can organize all your clothes by specific categories, you can do articles of clothing bulkiness or even specific outfits. I love to leverage all the different colors and sizes to really break things up to be the most efficient for myself. Also they’re amazing because since they are so like modular you can really stack and organize them to really fill and maximize the space within your luggage. They keep all your clothes nice and folded. If you guys are into the cranberry method it’s also great because you can just transfer that same bookshelf look into the packing cube but nice and pristine. If you’re gonna be at a place that has like a chest of drawers you can literally just lift the packing cube out of your luggage you keep all your clothes together and just drop it into the drawer and they drop it back into your luggage well you’re ready to go.

For example, you have these larger size rectangles that are really good for bulkier items you can put your jackets, sweaters, cardigans, jeans. I then like to use the medium-sized ones for less bulk – items like dresses or t-shirts and then these smaller guys are really great for like pajamas or undies. I really like these long rectangular ones for holding my bras.

I’ve got two brands I personally love used the first one I’ve had for years now these are from a company called eBags – highly recommend if you want some more variety in terms of sizes they come and a lot of smaller to larger dimensions. They also have a lot of colors. The second company I love it this one is called Dot and Dot  – also got this off of Amazon. I needed some more larger ones whenever me and Jeremy travel together and I absolutely love the quality of this one in fact probably a little bit more than my older bags. One reason why I love these is that the mesh panel is a lot larger so it’s easier to see the contents inside and then this is like a very like nitpicky thing but it seems to be a little bit more structure than the e bags ones. I don’t know if it’s because the zipper is underneath this seam but whenever I stuck all my clothes it just seems to have a more perfect rectangular shape and a little bit less flimsy. It actually makes packing a lot of fun and if you guys are into the Konmari method, you can preserve all your folding methods throughout your journey.

Pouches upon Pouches

For any smaller items or smaller based storage this is perfect for that.  I really love a nice lightweight mesh pouch this scent right here I got off of Amazon it is so freaking cute with the multicolored plaid. I use these for any immediate organizational needs. My main two things that are normally reached for these four are my beauty items and I also like to use these for like pens or any school supplies I’m taking with me. I can easily organize them by size and color. These are fabulous and also make really great gifts. I got at least for a several my friends and we all love them.

The next type of pouch I like to utilize is a clear and like water resistant type of pouch. These are great for all my liquids. I have a larger volume one also got this off of Amazon. If this guy is too bulky and I have less things I got these little ones from Daiso for 150 some of the items that I will put in these will be like a face spray my essential oil roller, laser bacterial gel,, hand cream eyedrops medication, band-aids like all that stuff I like to keep it in these nice clear pouches.

The last pouches I love to use are going to be for rounding up all of my electronics. So I have two major ones I really love to use. This one is more heavy-duty it’s almost like a like open portfolio type but this one has miscellaneous velcro pouch mesh pockets and also these rubber bands to slide cables through but this one is a little bit too big for what I’m carrying. I also really like this one that’s shaped like a pencil case if you look inside has two major compartments one really nice open long rectangular compartment with a mesh zippered pocket and then the other side has all of those stretchy rubber bands sections to slip smaller items. Between these two, I literally just round up all my electronics external chargers all of my phone battery and wireless mouse microphone any of that stuff I throw it into these guys and keep it close to my laptop. That way I have all of my loose electronics at hand and organized.

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Laptop Sleeves

My number three favorite piggybacking off of that electronics discussion always got to bring me a nice protective laptops sleeves. Normally when I’m traveling, I’m bringing a pretty highly duty messenger bag or backpack. like I’m really less about like super fashionable stuff and more about like protecting my valuables.

I definitely recommend having one that has a horizontal zipper to drop this one is a really important one. I got it for like 18 bucks off of Amazon a few years ago. I keep this sleeves in my tote bag and I literally just zipper this and take my laptop inside and out. It provides just a nice protective padded shell within my tote bag and also keeps it nice and clean and isolated from the other crap going on my tote. Having a sleeve that only opens horizontally it becomes such a pain in the ass because you have to take the sleeve all the way out unzip it and then take the laptop out.  I found a better more heavy-duty sleeve that’s actually like a top vertical load genius that way I can just have the sleeve into the body of the backpack. I can open just this top area and take my laptop in and out and never have to remove the sleeve itself from the backpack.

If I had to pick a better quality one and this pro case one from Amazon is fantastic! It’s really helping with the shock absorption and you can also use these guys for everyday life when you’re taking your laptop to the coffee shop.


Purse Organizer

My number four favorite is going to be a purse organizer. Your tote bag does not need to be a pit of hell and nightmares and horrors. Something as simple as a purse organizing insert can really just add simplicity and organization to what would be just an endless pit of chaos. I personally like to invest in a more sturdier structure type of insert because it definitely provides a lot of stability and structure.  Every single a category of items has its own little compartment and then in this big center area I actually I could throw in my pouches full of items right smack down the center so I have my organizational Isles on each side and then these pouches that could just easily slip inside and out and the little sleeves on the side could just be for like my tickets or passport all of it. I know exactly where everything is and I can really maximize and enjoy my tote bag while I’m on the hectic road. I got this one off of Amazon it’s a nice extra large size for larger totes but I also have a smaller one for my smaller bags or even just my everyday handbags.

Tote Bags

Let’s go ahead and just talk about some tote bags. One of my favorite things to bring with me when I travel is a durable lightweight stain water-resistant tote that I can crumple down and fold into a small size and take with me on the go.  This for example is the Bagu cloud bag. I actually have it in two sizes like the super large travel bag and also the regular size tote.

First off, it doubles as like a reusable handy bag whenever I’m at my location like a forever looking things around or from going shopping. I love the fact that I could just unfold this and utilize this large volume. If you guys are looking for souvenirs and know that you’re gonna be taking a lot of stuff back with you from your destination this guy also doubles as a really handy quick and easy carry-on bag. I actually use this as like a protective barrier for any handbags that I take with me while I travel. For example if I have my expensive like a satchel I don’t want that to get scuffed and damaged throughout the trip but I also don’t want to throw it on my luggage you get a smash I literally have all my stuff in the satchel and then use this as like a brick active barrier around it.

That way I can have a with me throughout the whole trip but it’s not susceptible to scuffing or damage whenever I shove it underneath my seat. It’s a handy dandy thing to always have so the Bagu are my current favoritethat I’ve been using the most. 

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Structured Make Up and Toiletry Pieces

I’ve tried so many different toiletry bags and pieces and these have been my favorite one so far so in terms of makeup my go-to set that I’ve been using over and over again has been from Poppin Sookie. These are the bigger and regular makeup cases these guys are adorable well-made makeup cases they have a nice expensive just simple open interior that’s lined like a vinyl stain water-resistant lining. It’s just structured enough so that way it fits really nicely with my modular packing cubes and also protects my makeup from leaking getting into everywhere and my bottles. A more affordable option that I also really love got this for like 20 bucks off of Amazon very similar a rectangular structured case. This one is really great if you want some more organizational options – they come with these foam dividers so you can create your own little pockets for organizing your makeup and then at the very top it’s got areas for your brushes and also a side zipper for some cotton pads or things that are flat.

I’ve actually been using this whenever I need to do like other people’s makeup. I like to use this one because it’s a little bit more professional and more organized for heavier use. For my toiletries like skin care and all that stuff, I’ve been using my mini suitcases non-stop. I found that a hard case really protected all of my beauty items until my destination. This mini suitcase in particular is great because it fits all of my little mini travel sized items and also my little squeezy bottles in here.

I can easily zip this guy up and it can just take so much of a beating and all my bottles are pristine and protected.  For a more luxurious leather based option this is a travel set from Quiana. These are great if you don’t like things that are lying flat like you can actually put all of your bottles lining up side by side within this bag and the actual bottom sits upright so that you can actually pull things in and out a lot easier versus a lid that you have to like keep opening up and down. It is a great luxury ascent that’s personalized leather and has a nice unique Crescent shell rectangular shape. These two have definitely been my go-to for toiletries. 

If you guys are looking for a great storage solution for your jewelry on the go I really love a structured jewelry case this one is my favorite from Henry Bendel.  This is the travel jewelry case it comes in a very similar structure to the Pop and Sukie cases. It’s got a squared square exterior and it’s complete with lush jelly rolls to wedge all your rings inside and then also two tabs with perforation so you can hang your earrings at the top too. 

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Travel Bottle and Containers

If you guys are like me and really like to not sacrifice my favorite skincare products while on the road – this is like the perfect solution.  My favorite ones are gonna be these exquisite Bowl silicone based bottles that come with a screw and flip-top cap. If you guys have things at home that naturally come in like really large bottles are clunky jars like you definitely don’t want to be wasting all of your baggage wait I’m bringing the whole thing you can easily screw these guys off and fill it with all of your favorite concoctions. 

I always like to take CeraVe hand cream for my eczema.  Sometimes I’ll get eczema flare-ups out of the blue so I always like to take a little bit with me. These ones that I have,  I found on Amazon they have ones that are just large enough to be right at that TSA required limit of three fluid ounces. I also have smaller ones that are like half the size that like and then I also really love these little tiny ones that have screw tops.  Those are great for a very small amount of creams liquids or even like my pills all those things. I never have to sacrifice the things that I use in my everyday life. I could take it with me on the road and these are also really easy to clean super cute and you have lots of great options on Amazon. 

Shoe Bag and Laundry Bag

I never leave without our shoe bags and a laundry bag so the laundry bag sometimes I’ll forget but these shoe bags for show I definitely always bring I’m a little bit of a germaphobe so I always like to keep my shoes nice and protected and isolated from touching you know any of my beauty items or clothes etc.  I like the fact that it comes with different colors so I could just organize my shoe sets and just kind of remember which ones have heels first of flats and all that oh this is also very very affordable. These also come in a larger size since of course he’s got a bigger shoe size than me so it could fit you know his shoes or his tennis shoes quite easily both of these sets are very durable and lightweight.  I do like to start separating like my dirty underwear for my clean underwear and my favorite ones are ones that you know start off very very small they’re pocketable and then you can expand them whenever you start accumulating a lot of dirty laundry. You could just isolate that from the other rest of your stuff.

Travel Scale

Our final favorite organizing product – this one feels a little silly but I have to mention it because it has saved me many a time. If you guys are heavy Packers or maybe you and your partner are sharing a large luggage and you feel like you are like right there at the cusp of being an overweight check-in luggage this thing is the bond. This is an electronic travel scale. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been right there at forty nine point five pack also got this pretty affordable off Amazon or you can get at places like Ross or Marshalls. It comes with either a hook or a strap like this you string this along the handle of your check and luggage hook it back onto itself and normally you have different units like you can do it by pounds or kilograms. I got a fancy one here this one actually tells the current temperature which I have no idea why you would need but then you lift your check luggage off the ground and it will tell you how much it weighs. This is really more handy for traveling whenever I’m accumulating a lot of like extra shopping items souvenirs you’re concerned about weight limits this is such a lifesaver.

I love organizational stuff and I hope you guys find something that might be helpful for you guys next time you travel to again


What is REMY Hair?

To understand the difference between Remy and non remy hair it is important to understand composition of a hair strand each hair is made of a medulla cortex and cuticle the cuticle is the outermost layer of the hair made up of hard shingle like cells that provide protection to the inner layers of the hair naturally growing biological hair grows with the cuticles running in the same direction from root to tip when the sourced hair is cut the bundle of hair must be kept with the cuticle running in the same direction to be considered remy hair non remy hair is hair that is collected from multiple sources and cannot guarantee the cuticle was running in the same direction for this reason the hair is treated to partially remove the cuticle if this process is not done properly matting and inversion will occur.

Best Human Hair Wig Online

100% remy human hair and then 100 percent human hair really confusing I think and I didn’t see really hardly anything out there in YouTube every you know addressing this the other stuff I found was here and there doing a google search and it you know I had to kind of piece things together.

So let’s get into this because I don’t know if you’re as confused as I am or you may know all of this but for those of you that are like me I hope you find this helpful so the hundred percent virgin human hair means that it has never been processed chemically in any way steamed any any chemical process at all it’s completely virgin cuticle has never had anything done with it no coloring no straightening nothing and that of course is going to be the highest price point within the human hair price point and that is your 100% virgin human hair so it is going to last the longest can have the longest life and you know you could do a little something-something to it and all of that once you get it sorry the Sun is getting really bright right now but that is definitely the highest price point because it has never been altered chemically.

You don’t find that you know really much in topper or wigs it’s mostly in the extension world I think the next one is the one that we see a lot and that is the hundred percent human hair the remy human hair so that’s the one I see a lot is 100% remy human hair and what that means is that it is 100% human hair the cuticle is intact it has not been chemically removed in any way and it is it has however been chemically processed in some way so high-quality remy human hair will last you a good long time it is very expensive still and it’s excellent quality human hair now when you see 100% human hair it doesn’t say remy human hair but it’ll say 100% human hair you know again the quality can be all over the place there there is no like regulation at all within this industry so they can say one thing but you got to do your due diligence if it’s too good to be true it’s probably not the best quality so the one 100 percent human hair.

When you see that what that means is that if it’s good quality yes it is human hair it’s going to last you a good while but not as long as the other two options that we just talked about it however does not have the cuticle layer in the and the hair has been chemically stripped out of the hair so it is going to tangle and matte quickly it’s going to get you really have to take care of it because it can get dry and brittle very fast and it is going to not give you as long as of a life as the other two that we just mentioned it’s a little less expensive it can be all over the place and it just depends on how good of quality it is so it does not have a cuticle layer and that’s why it tangles so quickly especially back in the nape the longer Stiers are going to tangle sometimes when you wash it if you’re it can just really turn into it can be it just needs more upkeep for sure it needs more upkeep so you can get the longest you know where a bill out of it so the problem is is that this is not regulated and I know you have probably seen the same things I see on for instance you not YouTube but although you probably will see it there too I see it a lot on Instagram that’ll come up because it knows that I you know they know what you look at so I’ll see them a lot on there and there are these 100% gorgeous human hair wigs and they’re just super long and they look luscious and gorgeous and they’re really inexpensive like you know sometimes they’re under $100 and you’re like what well that’s very low quality human hair what might be going on there is it may be diluted with animal hair or synthetic fibers and so you don’t know what you’re getting so if the price is too good to be true you may be getting a wig that you’re only gonna be able to wear a few times and if you wash it it’s destroyed so you know just do your due diligence.

Have some common sense there no that’s not gonna be very good quality you may even see that it’ll say remy human hair and it’s really inexpensive and it’s like what the heck you have a hundred percent remy human hair here that’s like seventeen nineteen hundred dollars and then this one is in the hundred and fifty like what’s going on there why why is there such a huge range well it’s because it’s very low quality and yes if it’s a remy hair technically it’s supposed to have that cuticle but what can happen is is that it’s not harvested properly and I know that’s a silly word but that’s what they call it and so the cuticle when it’s sewn into the piece is not all in the same direction and that’s so important because if the cuticle is not laying you know in the direction it’s supposed to and they’re all in that same direction so you’ve got cuticles this way and this way and this way and it is going to be a mess it is going to tangle up.

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How To Look Good on A Budget! | Men’s Fashion

You want to look expensive, but you’re on a budget.Working with what you have already in your wardrobe, with the budget that you have, but making the most of it, really ensuring that it looks the most premium or expensive that it possibly can.

Five Tips on How to Look Good for Men

Now, my first tip is to find your ‘uniform’.

Now you remember when I did my wardrobe declutter – I’ll put it on here now – that I really chucked out certain colours. I picked one colour palette and I’ve really worked with it and this really is a major tip. Work with blues or reds or yellows, whatever it might be, but only work on that spectrum. And that means that when you’re building your own sorts of outfits and your styles, it will always work.

My second top tip is all about classic styling.

Now, what I mean by this is to keep everything really very simple in terms of the silhouette, the shape of the clothing, and also by its style. Go with basic t-shirts or block colour, also with shirts like Oxford shirts or anything maybe with a basic stripe. Avoid anything which has slogans or bright colours because they will be a trend and trends are dangerous in terms of styling because they will come in but they’ll also go; and quite a lot of the time you’ll be spending slightly more money on these things and you won’t get as much ‘cost per wear’. That’s really how many times can you wear that for the cost that you paid. For me, I like to, as you see here, always go for the basic shirt, the outerwear and just a really simple pair of jeans or chinos and then boots and trainers, and you’ll be able to mix and match and get the most money and keep that look premium.

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Now my third top tip is all about your grooming.

Now, we all know that grooming is all down to personal choice. Some guys love the fade, some guys like to grow their hair out slightly, some guys have long hair, some guys have no hair; but again, keep this simple. For me, I’m growing my hair out slightly because the fade really, again, is like that styling, it is a trend. But going with a classic cut will always be in. Sort of think of the connotations of a classic cut, it is slightly more premium and it looks more expensive. Also, if you’re a guy that likes to use any sort of makeup products, keep it to a minimum; keep it looking natural and again, that will shift that look up.

My fourth top tip is all about accessories.

Now, accessories don’t have to be expensive. For me, there are a few things I’ve invested in. Sure, they’re not on a budget, but I’ve worn them so often. This watch, I bought this for my 21st and I wear it every single day and my 21st was nine years ago.

But really, this has been amazing in terms of cost per wear. Also, I’m a big fan of a good leather bag. I will mix and match with all my outfits and because it’s designer it does pull up. But again guys, you don’t have to be going designer in order to look more premium. Keep those pieces simple and mix them in with the rest of your wardrobe.

And this leads me to my fifth and final tip and that is to layer.

Now, if you think about when you go out and you see guys just in a t-shirt and a pair of jeans. That t-shirt could be the most expensive t-shirt in the world, but it doesn’t always look expensive or premium.

If you’re putting a shirt over the top of that or a crew neck sweatshirt or even a denim jacket, you’ll be able to start adding more interest to that look which will always make the look more premium, especially into autumn or winter. You can have a lot more fun with the layering. And if you’re keeping it from tip one, often that one colour palette, it means again, you can mix and match across that season.

But there you go, the five top tips. Let me know if you do any of these already or if you want to start following any of them. It’s seriously what I sort of stick by and what I lead my style life by.

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