How To Look Good on A Budget! | Men’s Fashion

You want to look expensive, but you’re on a budget.Working with what you have already in your wardrobe, with the budget that you have, but making the most of it, really ensuring that it looks the most premium or expensive that it possibly can.

Five Tips on How to Look Good for Men

Now, my first tip is to find your ‘uniform’.

Now you remember when I did my wardrobe declutter – I’ll put it on here now – that I really chucked out certain colours. I picked one colour palette and I’ve really worked with it and this really is a major tip. Work with blues or reds or yellows, whatever it might be, but only work on that spectrum. And that means that when you’re building your own sorts of outfits and your styles, it will always work.

My second top tip is all about classic styling.

Now, what I mean by this is to keep everything really very simple in terms of the silhouette, the shape of the clothing, and also by its style. Go with basic t-shirts or block colour, also with shirts like Oxford shirts or anything maybe with a basic stripe. Avoid anything which has slogans or bright colours because they will be a trend and trends are dangerous in terms of styling because they will come in but they’ll also go; and quite a lot of the time you’ll be spending slightly more money on these things and you won’t get as much ‘cost per wear’. That’s really how many times can you wear that for the cost that you paid. For me, I like to, as you see here, always go for the basic shirt, the outerwear and just a really simple pair of jeans or chinos and then boots and trainers, and you’ll be able to mix and match and get the most money and keep that look premium.

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Now my third top tip is all about your grooming.

Now, we all know that grooming is all down to personal choice. Some guys love the fade, some guys like to grow their hair out slightly, some guys have long hair, some guys have no hair; but again, keep this simple. For me, I’m growing my hair out slightly because the fade really, again, is like that styling, it is a trend. But going with a classic cut will always be in. Sort of think of the connotations of a classic cut, it is slightly more premium and it looks more expensive. Also, if you’re a guy that likes to use any sort of makeup products, keep it to a minimum; keep it looking natural and again, that will shift that look up.

My fourth top tip is all about accessories.

Now, accessories don’t have to be expensive. For me, there are a few things I’ve invested in. Sure, they’re not on a budget, but I’ve worn them so often. This watch, I bought this for my 21st and I wear it every single day and my 21st was nine years ago.

But really, this has been amazing in terms of cost per wear. Also, I’m a big fan of a good leather bag. I will mix and match with all my outfits and because it’s designer it does pull up. But again guys, you don’t have to be going designer in order to look more premium. Keep those pieces simple and mix them in with the rest of your wardrobe.

And this leads me to my fifth and final tip and that is to layer.

Now, if you think about when you go out and you see guys just in a t-shirt and a pair of jeans. That t-shirt could be the most expensive t-shirt in the world, but it doesn’t always look expensive or premium.

If you’re putting a shirt over the top of that or a crew neck sweatshirt or even a denim jacket, you’ll be able to start adding more interest to that look which will always make the look more premium, especially into autumn or winter. You can have a lot more fun with the layering. And if you’re keeping it from tip one, often that one colour palette, it means again, you can mix and match across that season.

But there you go, the five top tips. Let me know if you do any of these already or if you want to start following any of them. It’s seriously what I sort of stick by and what I lead my style life by.


Summer closet reboot: Organizing your jewelry, accessories

All right thank you so much like I always say I feel naked without my jewelry and accessories. It’s like part of the whole look at all those baubles this kind of course be difficult to store in a way that you can actually see what you’ve got. Then you know you got a hunt for the pieces that you want to I feel like you like fishing stuff out of there you want to keep it organized.

We’re rebuilding the closet we’re gonna get organized this morning that’s right it’s our summer closet reboot so I know I know you could always run down to the Container Store and buy some tray or hanger design for your accessories but we want to help you save money that’s part of this series and when you see how some people are corralling all of their costume jewelry I think you’ll agree DIY is also more fun every week misty Anne invites everyone into her closet on her YouTube channel hi there she calls it Sunday night wardrobe planning we’re friends and stylists help her plan on her clothing for the week I definitely don’t have that panicky feel it I have more time in the morning I can be a lot more relaxed and something else that has helped her fashion is in he’s organizing her jewelry in a fun way that makes it easy to see what she’s working with this is my mother’s and old China this was my grandmother’s China.

This was my great-grandmother’s inside she stores bracelets coordinated by color you can kind of hang that earrings over the sides her necklaces are displayed more visibly it actually came as a bulletin board and these are just little push pins the possibilities are endless you could transform an old cheese grater into an earring holder or use old glass soda bottles to hold your bracelets shower hooks used creatively can hold necklaces handbags belts and scarves take up a whole wall using free paint sticks from the hardware store and cup hooks to display your entire collection alright so on.

We are linking you to all of those ideas that we showed you so you can see how the creators actually made them like that paint six one it looks pretty easy and everything was free I mean you have to buy the cup hooks but the paint sticks are free Lowe’s and Home Depot any hardware store interesting I said I’m going over to hang it love those ideas though thanks detective alright we’re sharing it right now.

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6 Affordable Gifts To Get the Girl You Like

Today, I did a lot of research I exited in to make sure you get that special girlfriend a talent She’s gonna utterly adore. Because like anybody else receive me an amazing astute gift that you actually Craved, additions your appreciation for the person that gave it to you. I want you to be that person And that applies to any girlfriend in their own lives, your girlfriend, the girl you like, your sister, your friend, your mama, doesn’t matter who it is. Today we’re gonna make sure you get them the best offering probable.

Gifts for her


Let’s hop into it. Number one, a watch. And no , no , no, this is not a sponsored video, I promised. But just like we like watches almost every woman wears or would like to wear a nice watch, and with women the options are inexhaustible. The immense stuff is that most women aren’t watch geeks or watch nerds, like chaps are.

Ao for them It’s really merely aesthetic, how good-looking is this watch, so you got your Michael Kors, your Marc Jacobs, Kate Spade, your Tory Burch. Likewise a lot of the firebrands that I talk about on this canal, they also attain boundaries for women, Vincero, The First, Bradford Watch Co, Movement watches, Daniel Wellington. All these lines is not merely have male watches, but they too have female watches. So is not merely could you use the reject code and get wise even more inexpensive you could be twinning.

Makeup Kit

Number two a Makeup kit. Now if you’re like me “youre supposed to” know zero about makeup, But this is something dames love. Like you get a girl the right makeup kit, she’s gonna perfectly Love you for it. And while I can’t help you too much, but I can’t tell you by them anything from either Urban Decay or Kylie Jenner collection.

Don’t ask me why, but I sounds my girl talking to her friends about it all the time, and It sounds like a popular label virtually all girls are crazy for right now. So get them anything from these supermarkets and trust me you’re gonna be A1 with them. Plus little bonus, she’s gonna Actually think you were listening all along, and you were to me. You’re welcome. Alright, so for the next two I actually caught my girlfriend over at Vanity Planet and asked her to give us the hook up. Establish us guys a little bit of help here.


Because I was thinking about it the other daytime, somebody brides affection Skincare, they adoration taking care of their scalp. It’s not like us guys we do it you are familiar with for the end-goal. They don’t just do it for the end-goal they find solace And a skin routine.

So Vanity Planet obliged it super easy for all of us chaps and appointed the bark for the win paraphernalium. What this kid includes? It’s a complete surface regimen adjusted, rely me she’s gonna Love. It comes with the spin cover, which I’ve talked about before it’s great for guys, and for women forget about it This is like gold to them. It also comes with the wash paste and a dark-green tea clay mask and to surpass it All off it does come with a palatial eye submerge, kind of for relaxation or those spa days.

Now the full amounts of the kit does retail for around 190 bucks, but don’t worry as you guys know I already got the hookup. I got them to bring down this paraphernalium just for you guys for the holidays for around 60 bucks! So if you use the special system and relate down below you can get this whole kit for 60 horses, which is perfect for any Special girl in their own lives as a matter if its your mama, your sister, your lover, whoever it is They’re gonna adoration this. But if you require something different if you know your girlfriend’s like a makeup buff then this second one, this one’s amazing,

Glam Box

This one’s called A Glam Box. Like I said if you know they adore makeup and they’re into all that substance, This is the kit you’re gonna want to get her. It likewise comes with the spin brush kit the same one that I precisely talked About which is great for prepping the face before they start pertaining makeup, But the committee is also comes with the whole cover, Makeup brush set and a bit rinse that apparently girls adore, just as they can get their makeup on right.

Now if you’ve ever Awkwardly been dragged into Sephora or Ulta by your sweetheart, you’ve seen how crazy Expensive these brush packs are, and this was no different this one retails for around 250 horses. But like I said, since you guys already know. I have the hook-up, I wouldn’t leave my boys hanging out baked having to pay crazy extents like this. I get Vanity Planet to likewise heavily deduction this check box for you guys. And you can get this one for around like 70 bucks, again There’s a special relate down below. So it doesn’t matter who’s that special girl in their own lives that you really want to impress devote her something that she’s gonna desire, She’ll be happy, she’ll be appreciative for, these packages are for you.

Polaroid camera

The fifth happen you can get your girlfriend is a Polaroid camera. Women desired taking pictures, at the least every woman I’ve met, has like a selfie difficulty. So get her a Polaroid camera. You can get it for like 50 bucks on Amazon, and she’s gonna Love you for it, because now she can take swank depicts that are gonna get her more likes


Because of you, that’s priceless. And ultimately number six for my usual subjects you can get her a chest of chocolates and some grows. It’s never wrong to vanish old-school or classic. A container of chocolate and heydays It’s perfect for any type of woman. If you’re just starting to date a certain girlfriend. And you don’t know what to get her if you think it’s gonna be too tricky whatever it is, chest of chocolate and heydays ever cultivates.

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And that’s mostly it guys, Those are six different knack doctrines you can get that special girl in their own lives, that you can be rest assured She’s gonna love you for it. If you guys liked this video and attained it informative, Don’t forget to put us a like down below. Too don’t forget to check out any of those special kits associated down below.



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