Sweat is one of the most unavoidable functions performed by our bodies. However, sweat can be a real bummer when you are trying to look your best. One of the things that sweat is very good at spoiling is our makeup. Now, we may be dressed keeping the weather in mind, but what is the point if our makeup is not sweat proof? Luckily, the fashion industry has advanced so much that we do not have to worry about sweat ruining our hard work on our faces anymore.

All you need to invest on is the right makeup and skincare products. We have curate some of the best chinese makeup brands below.

Best Sweat Proof Makeup

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s get started with all the makeup items to complete your makeup routine for that impeccable look.

sweat proof makeup

Waterproof eyeliner for eyes that will make hearts melt

Sweaty eyelids really are a thing that happens to almost every person, no matter who that person is. We are all well aware of summer days when our eyeliner thinks it cool to mix up with the sweat and smudge. That really is one annoying problem.

But, no more. The wide range of eyeliners available in AliExpress ensures that you do not face this problem ever again. Thinking of hitting the gym with these eyeliners? Why not? They will make sure you look as impeccable after your workout as you did before starting it.

These sweat proof eyeliners are the dream come true of every one who has oily skin. They are everything that you need for almost any eye look. And no, they do not just come in the shade of black, there are also some great colours for you to try without having to worry about them smudging on a hot summer day.

Some of the best eyeliners available on AliExpress are:

waterproof eyeliner
best sweat proof eyeliner

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Lipsticks for those luscious lips!

No girl would deny the importance of a good long-lasting lipstick. Lipstick is one makeup accessory that makes any look all the more awesome. If the only makeup you have on your face is lipstick, you are still good to go. One just cannot ignore the emphasis that a good and sweat proof lipstick has in a woman’s life.

It is, therefore, essential to invest in a lipstick that is sweat proof and will last you a long time. Do all you want – drink, eat, or something else, and these lipsticks will stick to your lips like they are meant to be.

AliExpress has great sweatproof lipsticks to ensure your lips always look stunning.

You can buy these lipsticks here:

sweat proof lipstick


Foundation that looks like your second skin

Foundations are everywhere, literally. However, not every foundation that we find in the market are made to withstand a hard day full of sun, sweat, and heat. Some of the foundations available in the market turn a weird shad of orange due to oxidization. However, there are several sweatproof foundations available on AliExpress that will not oxidize on you when you are out and about having fun. They shall always feel like your second skin no matter how much heat and humidity surrounds you.

Try out some of these foundations from AliExpress that will ensure that you have foundation for a long, long time:

best waterproof makeup
best waterproof foundation

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We cannot emphasize the importance of concealer more. They help hide evidences of a long, sleepless night, dark circles, and other things on our skin that we would like to hide from the rest of the world. Needless to say, a normal concealer cannot help us during hot days when we are all covered up with sweat.

For those hot days, you need a sweat proof concealer that does not provide a threat of running down along with your sweat. On AliExpress, you can find just what you need for those summer days. The various concealers available on AliExpress are sweat proof and long lasting.

Why don’t you try out these concealers and see for yourself? Here are some of the best ones for you:

chinese concealer
sweat proof concealer makeup

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Highlight that can be seen from outer space!

What is a makeup routine without the highlight that will cause envy amongst others? As they say, you should put highlighter that puts the brightness of the sun to shame and can be seen even from outer space. However, it will be quite a bummer if your highlight runs down your face creating a mess that you would want to forget as soon as you can.

Do not worry! AliExpress is here to your rescue with its collection of highlighters that are sweatproof and ensure that you shine as bright as a diamond all through the day and night.

Here are some of the best highlights for you to try:

sweat proof highlighter
highlighter aliexpress makeup

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Blush blush!

Natural blush is amazing and beautiful, however, not everyone is blessed with a natural blush to die for. Hence was born the blush of every woman’s dream – in various shades, of course, to satisfy the needs of different women.

When we have dolled up beautifully with enviable blush on our cheeks, the biggest disappointment would be to see all the heat and sweat destroying our work of art. For this purpose, we have sweatproof blush on AliExpress that takes care of this problem.

Here is what you can try:

sweat proof makeup blush
sweat proof blusher makeup

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These were some of the best sweatproof makeup on AliExpress to help you always keep your makeup on point. When trying to beat the heat, it is essential to know that your makeup will not backfire on you and make you conscious. With these makeup products, you can simply relax and enjoy that impeccable makeup that are worth drooling over.

Are you ready to re-vamp your makeup collection now?

With makeup comes makeup tips to make sure that your makeup remains ready for anything that comes its way.

Here are some makeup tips to help you out.

Makeup tips to ensure your makeup is sweatproof

While there are sweatproof makeup products available in the market, some tips can do not harm. These tips will help ensure that your makeup remains sweatproof on a hot and humid day.

  • Wait before you apply

Do you apply your makeup right after you get out of the shower? If you answered yes to that, this tip is for you. You should wait for at least 10 minutes after you get out of the shower to help your body cool down. Applying makeup on warm skin can cause breakouts. If you are in a rush, you can follow a simple step of splashing your face with cold water before applying your makeup. This will give you a fresh and polished look.

You can also use a cooling pad like this one from AliExpress to make your job easier:

sweat proof makeup tips


  • Use a toner

If you do not prime your face properly and apply your makeup on an oily face, your makeup is sure to melt off before you know it. So, after you cleanse your face, use a toner to get rid of all that excess oil. Once you have toned your face well, your face will be clean and even for further makeup.

Use a toner from AliExpress like this one to create a perfect palette:

toner for sweat proof makeup tips


  • A Primer to keep that enviable makeup in place

One of the most important components of your makeup routine that helps to keep your makeup in place is a primer. A primer holds onto your makeup and does not let it go away with the sweat. You must try out these primers from AliExpress to help keep your makeup intact:

primer for face makeup tip


  • Try to avoid powders. Opt for liquid makeup more.

One of the biggest disadvantages of any powder foundation is that is starts to appear chalky and cakey once you start sweating. If there are any imperfections in your face, such as fine lines and wrinkles, the powder will add extra emphasis to them and make them to stand out. If you have extra oil on your face, use a blotting paper (or toilet paper if you do not have blotting paper with you) to remove excess oil from your face.

Buying Sweat Proof Makeups

These were some of the best makeup tips to ensure that you have a fresh face throughout the day, even in a hot and humid condition. If you can, go all natural this summer and embrace the way your skin glows naturally in the summer sun. You are sure to make heads turn with that effortless look of yours that does not care for any makeup.

Use a concealer for all the blemishes and dark spots that you might have, waterproof mascara, sunblock, and a lip balm with SPF and you are good to go.

These are all the makeup you need for a carefree day out at the beach or with your friends.

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