What is REMY Hair?

To understand the difference between Remy and non remy hair it is important to understand composition of a hair strand each hair is made of a medulla cortex and cuticle the cuticle is the outermost layer of the hair made up of hard shingle like cells that provide protection to the inner layers of the hair naturally growing biological hair grows with the cuticles running in the same direction from root to tip when the sourced hair is cut the bundle of hair must be kept with the cuticle running in the same direction to be considered remy hair non remy hair is hair that is collected from multiple sources and cannot guarantee the cuticle was running in the same direction for this reason the hair is treated to partially remove the cuticle if this process is not done properly matting and inversion will occur.

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100% remy human hair and then 100 percent human hair really confusing I think and I didn’t see really hardly anything out there in YouTube every you know addressing this the other stuff I found was here and there doing a google search and it you know I had to kind of piece things together.

So let’s get into this because I don’t know if you’re as confused as I am or you may know all of this but for those of you that are like me I hope you find this helpful so the hundred percent virgin human hair means that it has never been processed chemically in any way steamed any any chemical process at all it’s completely virgin cuticle has never had anything done with it no coloring no straightening nothing and that of course is going to be the highest price point within the human hair price point and that is your 100% virgin human hair so it is going to last the longest can have the longest life and you know you could do a little something-something to it and all of that once you get it sorry the Sun is getting really bright right now but that is definitely the highest price point because it has never been altered chemically.

You don’t find that you know really much in topper or wigs it’s mostly in the extension world I think the next one is the one that we see a lot and that is the hundred percent human hair the remy human hair so that’s the one I see a lot is 100% remy human hair and what that means is that it is 100% human hair the cuticle is intact it has not been chemically removed in any way and it is it has however been chemically processed in some way so high-quality remy human hair will last you a good long time it is very expensive still and it’s excellent quality human hair now when you see 100% human hair it doesn’t say remy human hair but it’ll say 100% human hair you know again the quality can be all over the place there there is no like regulation at all within this industry so they can say one thing but you got to do your due diligence if it’s too good to be true it’s probably not the best quality so the one 100 percent human hair.

When you see that what that means is that if it’s good quality yes it is human hair it’s going to last you a good while but not as long as the other two options that we just talked about it however does not have the cuticle layer in the and the hair has been chemically stripped out of the hair so it is going to tangle and matte quickly it’s going to get you really have to take care of it because it can get dry and brittle very fast and it is going to not give you as long as of a life as the other two that we just mentioned it’s a little less expensive it can be all over the place and it just depends on how good of quality it is so it does not have a cuticle layer and that’s why it tangles so quickly especially back in the nape the longer Stiers are going to tangle sometimes when you wash it if you’re it can just really turn into it can be it just needs more upkeep for sure it needs more upkeep so you can get the longest you know where a bill out of it so the problem is is that this is not regulated and I know you have probably seen the same things I see on for instance you not YouTube but although you probably will see it there too I see it a lot on Instagram that’ll come up because it knows that I you know they know what you look at so I’ll see them a lot on there and there are these 100% gorgeous human hair wigs and they’re just super long and they look luscious and gorgeous and they’re really inexpensive like you know sometimes they’re under $100 and you’re like what well that’s very low quality human hair what might be going on there is it may be diluted with animal hair or synthetic fibers and so you don’t know what you’re getting so if the price is too good to be true you may be getting a wig that you’re only gonna be able to wear a few times and if you wash it it’s destroyed so you know just do your due diligence.

Have some common sense there no that’s not gonna be very good quality you may even see that it’ll say remy human hair and it’s really inexpensive and it’s like what the heck you have a hundred percent remy human hair here that’s like seventeen nineteen hundred dollars and then this one is in the hundred and fifty like what’s going on there why why is there such a huge range well it’s because it’s very low quality and yes if it’s a remy hair technically it’s supposed to have that cuticle but what can happen is is that it’s not harvested properly and I know that’s a silly word but that’s what they call it and so the cuticle when it’s sewn into the piece is not all in the same direction and that’s so important because if the cuticle is not laying you know in the direction it’s supposed to and they’re all in that same direction so you’ve got cuticles this way and this way and this way and it is going to be a mess it is going to tangle up.

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