You want to look expensive, but you’re on a budget.Working with what you have already in your wardrobe, with the budget that you have, but making the most of it, really ensuring that it looks the most premium or expensive that it possibly can.

Five Tips on How to Look Good for Men

Now, my first tip is to find your ‘uniform’.

Now you remember when I did my wardrobe declutter – I’ll put it on here now – that I really chucked out certain colours. I picked one colour palette and I’ve really worked with it and this really is a major tip. Work with blues or reds or yellows, whatever it might be, but only work on that spectrum. And that means that when you’re building your own sorts of outfits and your styles, it will always work.

My second top tip is all about classic styling.

Now, what I mean by this is to keep everything really very simple in terms of the silhouette, the shape of the clothing, and also by its style. Go with basic t-shirts or block colour, also with shirts like Oxford shirts or anything maybe with a basic stripe. Avoid anything which has slogans or bright colours because they will be a trend and trends are dangerous in terms of styling because they will come in but they’ll also go; and quite a lot of the time you’ll be spending slightly more money on these things and you won’t get as much ‘cost per wear’. That’s really how many times can you wear that for the cost that you paid. For me, I like to, as you see here, always go for the basic shirt, the outerwear and just a really simple pair of jeans or chinos and then boots and trainers, and you’ll be able to mix and match and get the most money and keep that look premium.

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Now my third top tip is all about your grooming.

Now, we all know that grooming is all down to personal choice. Some guys love the fade, some guys like to grow their hair out slightly, some guys have long hair, some guys have no hair; but again, keep this simple. For me, I’m growing my hair out slightly because the fade really, again, is like that styling, it is a trend. But going with a classic cut will always be in. Sort of think of the connotations of a classic cut, it is slightly more premium and it looks more expensive. Also, if you’re a guy that likes to use any sort of makeup products, keep it to a minimum; keep it looking natural and again, that will shift that look up.

My fourth top tip is all about accessories.

Now, accessories don’t have to be expensive. For me, there are a few things I’ve invested in. Sure, they’re not on a budget, but I’ve worn them so often. This watch, I bought this for my 21st and I wear it every single day and my 21st was nine years ago.

But really, this has been amazing in terms of cost per wear. Also, I’m a big fan of a good leather bag. I will mix and match with all my outfits and because it’s designer it does pull up. But again guys, you don’t have to be going designer in order to look more premium. Keep those pieces simple and mix them in with the rest of your wardrobe.

And this leads me to my fifth and final tip and that is to layer.

Now, if you think about when you go out and you see guys just in a t-shirt and a pair of jeans. That t-shirt could be the most expensive t-shirt in the world, but it doesn’t always look expensive or premium.

If you’re putting a shirt over the top of that or a crew neck sweatshirt or even a denim jacket, you’ll be able to start adding more interest to that look which will always make the look more premium, especially into autumn or winter. You can have a lot more fun with the layering. And if you’re keeping it from tip one, often that one colour palette, it means again, you can mix and match across that season.

But there you go, the five top tips. Let me know if you do any of these already or if you want to start following any of them. It’s seriously what I sort of stick by and what I lead my style life by.

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