Summer closet reboot: Organizing your jewelry, accessories

All right thank you so much like I always say I feel naked without my jewelry and accessories. It’s like part of the whole look at all those baubles this kind of course be difficult to store in a way that you can actually see what you’ve got. Then you know you got a hunt for the pieces that you want to I feel like you like fishing stuff out of there you want to keep it organized.

We’re rebuilding the closet we’re gonna get organized this morning that’s right it’s our summer closet reboot so I know I know you could always run down to the Container Store and buy some tray or hanger design for your accessories but we want to help you save money that’s part of this series and when you see how some people are corralling all of their costume jewelry I think you’ll agree DIY is also more fun every week misty Anne invites everyone into her closet on her YouTube channel hi there she calls it Sunday night wardrobe planning we’re friends and stylists help her plan on her clothing for the week I definitely don’t have that panicky feel it I have more time in the morning I can be a lot more relaxed and something else that has helped her fashion is in he’s organizing her jewelry in a fun way that makes it easy to see what she’s working with this is my mother’s and old China this was my grandmother’s China.

This was my great-grandmother’s inside she stores bracelets coordinated by color you can kind of hang that earrings over the sides her necklaces are displayed more visibly it actually came as a bulletin board and these are just little push pins the possibilities are endless you could transform an old cheese grater into an earring holder or use old glass soda bottles to hold your bracelets shower hooks used creatively can hold necklaces handbags belts and scarves take up a whole wall using free paint sticks from the hardware store and cup hooks to display your entire collection alright so on.

We are linking you to all of those ideas that we showed you so you can see how the creators actually made them like that paint six one it looks pretty easy and everything was free I mean you have to buy the cup hooks but the paint sticks are free Lowe’s and Home Depot any hardware store interesting I said I’m going over to hang it love those ideas though thanks detective alright we’re sharing it right now.

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