15 PETITE STYLING TIPS // How to Style a Petite Body Type ♡

We’re going to talk about fit, what to look for when shopping, what clothes flatter a petite body type best, and how to find balance when it comes to styling and then some just general tips tricks and hacks.

First things first, we are going to talk about balance.

One of the most important things when it comes to styling a petite body type is balance. Learning how to style and balance your outfits is going to give you so much more diversity and versatility on what you wear. A good rule of thumb when it comes to styling any body type is if you’re going to wear loose on the bottom you typically want to go for a tighter top, likewise if you’re going to wear a looser top you want to go tighter on the bottom. Now you definitely can go tight and tight as well and wear a tighter top and tighter bottoms.

When it comes to wearing a loose item on top and a loose item on bottom, typically that doesn’t flatter most body types.

Some examples of type pieces would include tight tank tops, tech camis, skinny jeans, any sort of like more fitted bodycon style type piece. Some examples of loose type of pieces are flowy skirts, loose pants, palazzo pants, flowy capris, peasant tops, and anything that has bell sleeves, anything that is very drapey or flowy has light fabric, big sweaters and anything oversized. Some other good guidelines to go by or if you’re going for a longer hemline to go for a more open top, for example a maxi dress that is a longer length but having a more open top or thinner straps is going to help balance it out. Vice versa, if you’re going for a more full coverage top such as a turtleneck it pairs really well with a shorter hemline such as a skirt.

Another helpful thing is having a skin break between your top and your bottom so maybe a crop top, maybe having some sort of two-piece set.

Whenever I wear a crop top, I always pair it with high-waist jeans so there is a little bit of skin showing just enough to where I have a little bit out but not enough that I don’t feel confident.

My last helpful guideline for balancing an outfit is to go for a lower neckline.

If you still want that definition but again don’t want to be swallowed up by fabric. Keeping these formulas for balance in your back pocket is going to help you out so much when it comes to styling and it’s going to ensure that you don’t overwhelm your petite frame.

Let’s talk about shopping and finding things that actually complement a petite frame.

If you go to a regular store that does not have a petite section or does not specialize in petite clothing, oftentimes you’re going to run into finding things that just don’t look right. They’re a little bit off. They’re really cute maybe, but they just fit oddly. They’re too long, they cinch in the wrong spot, they kind of droop or sag in weird places and it just like doesn’t look good. Unless you think about it you might not ever realize why. Basically if you’re shopping in a non-specialized store that doesn’t carry any sort of petite sizing or short sizing, things are just going to fit on. Some things that were always huge struggles when it came to shopping at regular stores are with pants. The main problem was always that they were just so long, and either have to roll them, or cut them, or hem them or something, but they were always so long.

Then pair being short with having a short torso and things like dresses and rompers just never cinch in the right spot.

They always are so long and then they cinch at my hips and it just looks bizarre and not good. For a long time, I did not realize why and I had this realization. I was like, “oh that’s why things look bad”, and I get it. When it comes to shopping in standard or regular stores, sometimes you can make things work but sometimes it just can’t. Things look weird and it’s sad because you want to wear cute things and they just don’t fit right on your body. You can’t judge things around and make things fit right. It’s really helpful to actually shop at a store or stores that either have petite sizing or just at a store that is specifically for petite frames. It is just like the most amazing thing to walk into a store and be like “oh my gosh, all of this is going to fit and look good”.

Some things to look for that complement a petite frame and not overwhelm include midi skirts.

Midi skirts are amazing. The hemline falls just after the knee, so again it doesn’t overwhelm your frame. A great way to balance a midi skirt is with a tighter top or with a tucked in top. Likewise, opt for mini dresses over maxi dresses. The shorter hemline is going to prevent you from drowning in fabric and look shorter, but it’s still going to get you that maxi dress style and look. Again, look for a hemline that falls just after the knees, high-waist pieces and pants with a shorter hemline. These help balance everything out and in some cases can provide faux height which is always amazing when you’re petite.

Another fun thing you can play with is an asymmetrical hemline.

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When it comes to skirts and dresses, it gives you that balance but it also gives you a chance to spice it up a bit.

Let’s talk about petite busty body types and how to style them. Petite busty body type is what I have for the longest time. I really struggled with how to style it and what to wear. I try to figure out what kind of things looked good but didn’t look too risqué, and overall it was a struggle. I wanted to share all of my tips on how to style a petite busty frame.

The first thing is learning how to downplay your bust using the affirmation techniques.

For example, if you’re going to go for a looser, flowy top that just keeps your bust low-key, go for bottoms that are tighter that still accentuate your figure and show off your body. Likewise if you are going for a tighter, fitting top or top that has a lower neckline, you can balance it out with a looser fitting bottom.

Number two, smaller prints and patterns help downplay a bust as well.

Essentially, smaller scale prints and patterns definitely just help minimize the appearance of bust as compared to larger scale prints and patterns that sometimes just do quite the opposite.

Thing number three that I think has been the most amazing and game-changing of all of these petite busty styling tips is getting a good bra.

Invest into a good bra that actually fits and flatters well. Before when I was just buying random bras that were just like “the best I could find”, I always had weird problems with like cupping and spillage and things just fitting odd and that always just looked really unflattering under clothes. The number one majorly underrated thing when it comes to looking good and looking put together and looking just nice and well-balanced on is good undergarments. If you don’t have good undergarments that fit well and that flatter you, whatever goes on top, whatever clothes you put on, it’s just not going to look good either.

The next thing is finding flattering neckline.

Necklines that I have personally found to be the most flattering are straight across necklines, slightly dividend necklines, which I’m sure has a more precise name than that, V-necks and sometimes the occasional scoop neck, but it really has to like depend on where it hits and falls. The neckline that I just never ever find to be flattering with my petite busty frame is the boat neckline. It starts almost at your shoulders and then it kind of just goes across here. I always just think that looks not flattering. Really high neckline, tight turtlenecks – those also don’t flatter me.

Finally looking for styles like button-ups that offer good coverage but doesn’t entirely cover everything up.

I actually have a hack when it comes to button ups and a bust to your chest. My hack is to go to a craft store and buy those little snappy clasps that you can buy for just a couple dollars. Buy them to any sort of button ups wherever in between two buttons you have that gaping going on and just attach the snappy clasp there. Having that additional clasp in between two buttons is going to prevent any sort of gaping. Yet again another game-changer.

Now my final two last tips slash/hacks that don’t really fit into a category are:

One, dress in monochromatic outfits.

This kind of outfits they offer length and faux height because everything is just all one color.

Two, shorten purses with extremely long straps.

Purses with long straps, will make your purse go down. Shorten that bag length by knotting the strap.

I did not know anything about styling petite body type and ways to style my body type to actually look good and be flattered because things just didn’t fit as well on me as they did other people. For a long time I was insecure, I thought like something was wrong with me. These tips might help you in figuring out ways to style your clothes and to wear things and how to shop for stuff that fit well, that flatter you and that you feel confident in.

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