How to Pack Smarter: Travel Organization Essentials I Can’t Live Without! Travel Hacks

I am excited to share my top 10 travel organizational product that I cannot live with out! You all asked me over the past few years, what are my favorite things to travel with so this is like my massive roundup of all the things that I love.

I do have a lot of alternatives and options within each category so I’m just praying you guys can find some things that could be really helpful in your travel routine.

Packing Cubes

I’ve been using these guys for years and they’ve completely revolutionized the way that I pack. I literally cannot go anywhere without these guys. You can organize all your clothes by specific categories, you can do articles of clothing bulkiness or even specific outfits. I love to leverage all the different colors and sizes to really break things up to be the most efficient for myself. Also they’re amazing because since they are so like modular you can really stack and organize them to really fill and maximize the space within your luggage. They keep all your clothes nice and folded. If you guys are into the cranberry method it’s also great because you can just transfer that same bookshelf look into the packing cube but nice and pristine. If you’re gonna be at a place that has like a chest of drawers you can literally just lift the packing cube out of your luggage you keep all your clothes together and just drop it into the drawer and they drop it back into your luggage well you’re ready to go.

For example, you have these larger size rectangles that are really good for bulkier items you can put your jackets, sweaters, cardigans, jeans. I then like to use the medium-sized ones for less bulk – items like dresses or t-shirts and then these smaller guys are really great for like pajamas or undies. I really like these long rectangular ones for holding my bras.

I’ve got two brands I personally love used the first one I’ve had for years now these are from a company called eBags – highly recommend if you want some more variety in terms of sizes they come and a lot of smaller to larger dimensions. They also have a lot of colors. The second company I love it this one is called Dot and Dot  – also got this off of Amazon. I needed some more larger ones whenever me and Jeremy travel together and I absolutely love the quality of this one in fact probably a little bit more than my older bags. One reason why I love these is that the mesh panel is a lot larger so it’s easier to see the contents inside and then this is like a very like nitpicky thing but it seems to be a little bit more structure than the e bags ones. I don’t know if it’s because the zipper is underneath this seam but whenever I stuck all my clothes it just seems to have a more perfect rectangular shape and a little bit less flimsy. It actually makes packing a lot of fun and if you guys are into the Konmari method, you can preserve all your folding methods throughout your journey.

Pouches upon Pouches

For any smaller items or smaller based storage this is perfect for that.  I really love a nice lightweight mesh pouch this scent right here I got off of Amazon it is so freaking cute with the multicolored plaid. I use these for any immediate organizational needs. My main two things that are normally reached for these four are my beauty items and I also like to use these for like pens or any school supplies I’m taking with me. I can easily organize them by size and color. These are fabulous and also make really great gifts. I got at least for a several my friends and we all love them.

The next type of pouch I like to utilize is a clear and like water resistant type of pouch. These are great for all my liquids. I have a larger volume one also got this off of Amazon. If this guy is too bulky and I have less things I got these little ones from Daiso for 150 some of the items that I will put in these will be like a face spray my essential oil roller, laser bacterial gel,, hand cream eyedrops medication, band-aids like all that stuff I like to keep it in these nice clear pouches.

The last pouches I love to use are going to be for rounding up all of my electronics. So I have two major ones I really love to use. This one is more heavy-duty it’s almost like a like open portfolio type but this one has miscellaneous velcro pouch mesh pockets and also these rubber bands to slide cables through but this one is a little bit too big for what I’m carrying. I also really like this one that’s shaped like a pencil case if you look inside has two major compartments one really nice open long rectangular compartment with a mesh zippered pocket and then the other side has all of those stretchy rubber bands sections to slip smaller items. Between these two, I literally just round up all my electronics external chargers all of my phone battery and wireless mouse microphone any of that stuff I throw it into these guys and keep it close to my laptop. That way I have all of my loose electronics at hand and organized.

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Laptop Sleeves

My number three favorite piggybacking off of that electronics discussion always got to bring me a nice protective laptops sleeves. Normally when I’m traveling, I’m bringing a pretty highly duty messenger bag or backpack. like I’m really less about like super fashionable stuff and more about like protecting my valuables.

I definitely recommend having one that has a horizontal zipper to drop this one is a really important one. I got it for like 18 bucks off of Amazon a few years ago. I keep this sleeves in my tote bag and I literally just zipper this and take my laptop inside and out. It provides just a nice protective padded shell within my tote bag and also keeps it nice and clean and isolated from the other crap going on my tote. Having a sleeve that only opens horizontally it becomes such a pain in the ass because you have to take the sleeve all the way out unzip it and then take the laptop out.  I found a better more heavy-duty sleeve that’s actually like a top vertical load genius that way I can just have the sleeve into the body of the backpack. I can open just this top area and take my laptop in and out and never have to remove the sleeve itself from the backpack.

If I had to pick a better quality one and this pro case one from Amazon is fantastic! It’s really helping with the shock absorption and you can also use these guys for everyday life when you’re taking your laptop to the coffee shop.


Purse Organizer

My number four favorite is going to be a purse organizer. Your tote bag does not need to be a pit of hell and nightmares and horrors. Something as simple as a purse organizing insert can really just add simplicity and organization to what would be just an endless pit of chaos. I personally like to invest in a more sturdier structure type of insert because it definitely provides a lot of stability and structure.  Every single a category of items has its own little compartment and then in this big center area I actually I could throw in my pouches full of items right smack down the center so I have my organizational Isles on each side and then these pouches that could just easily slip inside and out and the little sleeves on the side could just be for like my tickets or passport all of it. I know exactly where everything is and I can really maximize and enjoy my tote bag while I’m on the hectic road. I got this one off of Amazon it’s a nice extra large size for larger totes but I also have a smaller one for my smaller bags or even just my everyday handbags.

Tote Bags

Let’s go ahead and just talk about some tote bags. One of my favorite things to bring with me when I travel is a durable lightweight stain water-resistant tote that I can crumple down and fold into a small size and take with me on the go.  This for example is the Bagu cloud bag. I actually have it in two sizes like the super large travel bag and also the regular size tote.

First off, it doubles as like a reusable handy bag whenever I’m at my location like a forever looking things around or from going shopping. I love the fact that I could just unfold this and utilize this large volume. If you guys are looking for souvenirs and know that you’re gonna be taking a lot of stuff back with you from your destination this guy also doubles as a really handy quick and easy carry-on bag. I actually use this as like a protective barrier for any handbags that I take with me while I travel. For example if I have my expensive like a satchel I don’t want that to get scuffed and damaged throughout the trip but I also don’t want to throw it on my luggage you get a smash I literally have all my stuff in the satchel and then use this as like a brick active barrier around it.

That way I can have a with me throughout the whole trip but it’s not susceptible to scuffing or damage whenever I shove it underneath my seat. It’s a handy dandy thing to always have so the Bagu are my current favoritethat I’ve been using the most. 

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Structured Make Up and Toiletry Pieces

I’ve tried so many different toiletry bags and pieces and these have been my favorite one so far so in terms of makeup my go-to set that I’ve been using over and over again has been from Poppin Sookie. These are the bigger and regular makeup cases these guys are adorable well-made makeup cases they have a nice expensive just simple open interior that’s lined like a vinyl stain water-resistant lining. It’s just structured enough so that way it fits really nicely with my modular packing cubes and also protects my makeup from leaking getting into everywhere and my bottles. A more affordable option that I also really love got this for like 20 bucks off of Amazon very similar a rectangular structured case. This one is really great if you want some more organizational options – they come with these foam dividers so you can create your own little pockets for organizing your makeup and then at the very top it’s got areas for your brushes and also a side zipper for some cotton pads or things that are flat.

I’ve actually been using this whenever I need to do like other people’s makeup. I like to use this one because it’s a little bit more professional and more organized for heavier use. For my toiletries like skin care and all that stuff, I’ve been using my mini suitcases non-stop. I found that a hard case really protected all of my beauty items until my destination. This mini suitcase in particular is great because it fits all of my little mini travel sized items and also my little squeezy bottles in here.

I can easily zip this guy up and it can just take so much of a beating and all my bottles are pristine and protected.  For a more luxurious leather based option this is a travel set from Quiana. These are great if you don’t like things that are lying flat like you can actually put all of your bottles lining up side by side within this bag and the actual bottom sits upright so that you can actually pull things in and out a lot easier versus a lid that you have to like keep opening up and down. It is a great luxury ascent that’s personalized leather and has a nice unique Crescent shell rectangular shape. These two have definitely been my go-to for toiletries. 

If you guys are looking for a great storage solution for your jewelry on the go I really love a structured jewelry case this one is my favorite from Henry Bendel.  This is the travel jewelry case it comes in a very similar structure to the Pop and Sukie cases. It’s got a squared square exterior and it’s complete with lush jelly rolls to wedge all your rings inside and then also two tabs with perforation so you can hang your earrings at the top too. 

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Travel Bottle and Containers

If you guys are like me and really like to not sacrifice my favorite skincare products while on the road – this is like the perfect solution.  My favorite ones are gonna be these exquisite Bowl silicone based bottles that come with a screw and flip-top cap. If you guys have things at home that naturally come in like really large bottles are clunky jars like you definitely don’t want to be wasting all of your baggage wait I’m bringing the whole thing you can easily screw these guys off and fill it with all of your favorite concoctions. 

I always like to take CeraVe hand cream for my eczema.  Sometimes I’ll get eczema flare-ups out of the blue so I always like to take a little bit with me. These ones that I have,  I found on Amazon they have ones that are just large enough to be right at that TSA required limit of three fluid ounces. I also have smaller ones that are like half the size that like and then I also really love these little tiny ones that have screw tops.  Those are great for a very small amount of creams liquids or even like my pills all those things. I never have to sacrifice the things that I use in my everyday life. I could take it with me on the road and these are also really easy to clean super cute and you have lots of great options on Amazon. 

Shoe Bag and Laundry Bag

I never leave without our shoe bags and a laundry bag so the laundry bag sometimes I’ll forget but these shoe bags for show I definitely always bring I’m a little bit of a germaphobe so I always like to keep my shoes nice and protected and isolated from touching you know any of my beauty items or clothes etc.  I like the fact that it comes with different colors so I could just organize my shoe sets and just kind of remember which ones have heels first of flats and all that oh this is also very very affordable. These also come in a larger size since of course he’s got a bigger shoe size than me so it could fit you know his shoes or his tennis shoes quite easily both of these sets are very durable and lightweight.  I do like to start separating like my dirty underwear for my clean underwear and my favorite ones are ones that you know start off very very small they’re pocketable and then you can expand them whenever you start accumulating a lot of dirty laundry. You could just isolate that from the other rest of your stuff.

Travel Scale

Our final favorite organizing product – this one feels a little silly but I have to mention it because it has saved me many a time. If you guys are heavy Packers or maybe you and your partner are sharing a large luggage and you feel like you are like right there at the cusp of being an overweight check-in luggage this thing is the bond. This is an electronic travel scale. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been right there at forty nine point five pack also got this pretty affordable off Amazon or you can get at places like Ross or Marshalls. It comes with either a hook or a strap like this you string this along the handle of your check and luggage hook it back onto itself and normally you have different units like you can do it by pounds or kilograms. I got a fancy one here this one actually tells the current temperature which I have no idea why you would need but then you lift your check luggage off the ground and it will tell you how much it weighs. This is really more handy for traveling whenever I’m accumulating a lot of like extra shopping items souvenirs you’re concerned about weight limits this is such a lifesaver.

I love organizational stuff and I hope you guys find something that might be helpful for you guys next time you travel to again