Today we are going on a trip together We are going to dye my hair. If you guys have been watching me for a while, It was too dark Hair that was black borderline.

I have platinum had blonde hair. Multiple levels From brown in the middle, I ventured into more abnormal colors when my country She was blonde hair (on bits and pieces of my hair, and I don’t think I ever dyed my entire hair Head color fun).

But I think of all the colors I’ve ever colored my hair, My favorite was absolutely red. Deep down inside, and I want to be so red in a bad manner. I wanted to have my whole life. This is my natural hair color I haven’t colored it because maybe a few years now.

If you play in the sun enough it Actually pulls a little red, but I, unfortunately, am not red. But today the changes. We are going to make a new redhead. So like I mentioned, I am actually My hair color is red in the past. When my hair was red, I couldn’t take a shower Without that bleeding out a little bit, and I think this is very typical Experience for most people who are not natural redheads.

But there is one way to Get red hair, and it does not fade with time and in this way your hair is colored With henna. It is considered probably one of the most durable colors you can Your hair color, that’s actually exactly why you wanted to give it a try. I want to red hair again, but I don’t want to fade.

Here comes the role of henna in. For those of you who don’t know, henna is literally Only leaves from base to top.

Henna comes from the plant called “Disabled henna.” Maybe I slaughtered this name, but that’s where it comes from. And it has been used for thousands of years for body art and your hair color. It is not able to raise your hair color.

You will not be able to Bleach your hair with henna. Deposits can only color, so mainly stains Your hair. So it can not be super, super dark brown and color your hair with Henna and have strawberry blonde, that’s not really how it works. It can only be Color deposits, stain can only be your hair color. But because of that, it’s Actually a really healthy way to color your hair.

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Anyway, I had never colored my hair henna before, so we are going to learn together Let’s get started! So the henna that I will be using today by Natural Mountain Light This is only in red color you can recognize because of the fox In the foreground.

Personally this henna got off from amazon, and I really like it, It comes in a three-pack for such a grand total of about $ 15 I recently saw one package of this henna brand especially in health Food store and it was about to like $ 8 a pack, so I think I got it A very good deal. This particular henna brand is linked in the description Block below if you want to go check it out. But no matter what kind of henna you are Use, regardless of brand, and be sure to read the ingredients poster

Because you only want one item in your henna this is pure henna This box only has “henna dried” in it and it is pure henna plant powder This is exactly what you want if you are coloring your hair with just henna The natural light of the mountain actually makes henna blends, depending on which square Picking up from this particular company, you might notice that she has henna in it, as well Well “indigo” or “cinnamon”, all of which are completely natural dyes that are Only prominent in nature, it was used thousands of years ago to dye Clothes, skin, and hair.

But on this issue, because I wanted red I just want henna. And of course whatever henna you use Be sure to read the instructions. Instead of water as a mixing method, it will Actually be using tea. This is because tea has a lower pH – it’s a bit More acidic – and because it has no pH less than pure distilled water, it does Indeed, give your hair more golden hue, versus more burgundy hue. I’m going to look at golden hair, so this is exactly what I want but if you do We want a more real red color, or even more burgundy or a deep purple accent,

I have Connect couple recipes in the description bar below where you can Find out how to accomplish this when you are mixing your henna. I also squeeze whole lemonade into my tea, just to add A little bit more acidity, and again for the golden tones that I’m trying to. Then, when I’m ready to go, I’m just going to mix my henna with the tea that I’m brewing. The consistency was that I was aiming for some kind of really thick pie dough Consistency, or kind of like stirred yogurt.

And then when everything was Mixed together, I just covered some saran wrap, and pressed it against The surface of the henna mixture, so that way, moisture can not escape. In order to really activate and dye your hair, henna has a kind of sitting and basically Treat for a few hours. Let my bowl sit for three or four hours. Once this was done, I actually went upstairs and grabbed a bit of the remaining hair In my view a brush and apply it only henna on it and roll it in a bit of Saran wrap, just to see what kind of first color I was going to end up with. Allow me to sit in a warm place for another half and three or three hours, and rinse it out. I was very happy with the color that I was gonna get from my test strand So I went ahead and started getting my battle station ready. I put the towels everywhere, because henna is a messy known, and this particular henna Recommended you apply it to a clean, towel-dried hair, so I took a shower, I shampooed my hair, and I just dried a little. I cut my hair off and on I apply some lotion to my hair and around my ears and on my neck, so that Method, henna is not a disgrace to my skin those areas.

After that it just started Drawing it. Whenever I can dye my hair, I love to focus On the roots because I found that the roots are kind of the hardest spot to get for me So it started with the hardest point which was mainly in the back of my neck. Little by little, I took small sections I drew roots for a few inches or so down my hair length, I basically repeat this process all over my head. It’s kind of hard to describe, so I just recommend you watch this thing. When my roots were all without, I was not around to paint my length The hair with that little brush, so I just put on some gloves and went to town, Literally falling along my hair, which works through with my own Fingers. It was much faster this way, and I recommend it that way. With henna residue remaining in a bowl,

I kind of massage through My hair just has to make sure everything is truly super satiated. Then I wrapped my own Hair on top of my head with a little Saran wrap, be it in a towel, and I actually went to bed and made sure that my pillow was covered with a towel Beforehand, just in case I had any accidents. All right, so it is 10:30 am now. Dyeing process started at about 9:30 last night Then I just went to bed. I tried to sleep on it, but it was too heavy and difficult to My head – I ended up getting a lot of neck pain as I was trying Sleep all night, get up, take a shower, and rinse everything At about 0:30 or 1:00 in the morning.

So the henna was sitting on My head in my hair is completely saturated for 3-4 hours. It is a lot long enough to get the color payout. So this is the color that I It ended after about eight or nine hours later. The funny thing about henna Other than that, the true color of the same henna, and how it will stain your hair Don’t actually begin to appear for at least a few days after you dye it. And therefore And yet, it’s a little orange in the spots, especially by my scalp Because I’m sure my scalp got stained a bit.

Skin staining will fade away After a few days, meanwhile, the color will develop a deeper color. So as I said, this is a few hours after the dyeing process and that is The color that you ended up with. We’re gonna check in in a few days And see what the color looks like then. Okay, so this is a few days after that My hair has colored. You can see that my roots are a little oily. I do not have It actually washed with shampoo since I’ve colored it. I have taken a shower Since I’ve been so colorful, I’ve rinsed it all with a little bit Conditioner, some warm water only but i did not actually wash with soap Now, just because I wanted to make sure that the color was stabilized as it should. I might actually shower tonight with shampoo and we’ll see how The color payout is tomorrow,

but so far, I am really really really happy Payout color. I like the color I have got so far, and The roots are definitely a lot less orange and it is awesome. Even I am my colored The little eyebrows may look a little orange because I actually do The day after I henna’d my hair, so there is still a little bit more orange From here there is a scalp comparison. But now my eyebrows match my hair so I am happy with this We will probably do one more update once and I wash my hair for that we Can kind of compare colors once everything is full, but that’s after Three days do not wash it, after henna-ji it, that is the color reward. Okay, so I think this is the last update for my hair this is what it looks like after I did not wash it yesterday but the day before yesterday it was like this

With shampoo, my scalp is no longer an odd orange, and I’m really honest, Love the color that you ended up with. It’s a lot warmer, but it’s still Looks very natural. I barely noticed any bleeding in the bathroom at all, I. I think what I noticed is just a little bit off when I was like I washed the hair with shampoo for the first time, and I haven’t noticed it since which is amazing. My hair finally smells a little bit more neutral. The thing that I did not Expect when my hair dye with henna is that smell a bit like Fold for a little bit. Now it no longer smells like a barn, which is amazing. Yes, so this was my henna experience, my first time dyeing my hair with henna.

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